12 Days ‘Till HRPT ’18: The 2014 3 Stop Tour

After getting my feet wet in 2013, I knew I had to be apart of the tour in 2014. With it leaving from right here in North Carolina, how could I pass it up? That year I joined up with a couple of buddies and we ran Concord, Knoxville, and Charleston, West Virginia. Coming home mid-tour sucked! Check out all the coverage below!

Hotchkis Suspension Kick Off Party:


Day 1: Concord


Day 2: Knoxville


Day 3: Charleston, West Virginia


JDSMotorsports.com Quick Feature: 2014 Mustang GT On Daytona Beach

We mentioned it in our “Coming in 2017….” post, now it’s here! This will be a permanent Wednesday feature on the site starting in 2017. The “Quick Feature” will be a short video showcasing various cars & trucks I run across at shows across the south.


Our first quick feature comes to you from the shores of the world’s most famous beach, Daytona Beach, Florida. I have to admit, riding in and getting to shoot this car on the actual beach was a very cool experience! One I won’t soon forget! Check out Travis Smith’s 2014 Mustang GT!



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Mustang Week Memory Lane: Are You Ready??

In just a few short days it will be time again for the annual trek down to Myrtle Beach for Mustang Week! As usual, JDSMotorsports.com will be there from start to finish with all your event coverage! Be sure and check back for daily updates! Also the week after we will have daily video’s uploaded to our you tube page! You can also follow along live on snapchat, twitter and IG @jdsmotorsports !


But before we head for the land of sunshine and Mustang’s, lets take our annual look back at the Mustang Week’s of years past! It’s hard to believe this will be our 9th Mustang Week! Time flies!

Click each year for the coverage!










As always, for all the latest Mustang Week info, be sure and check the official site out online www.mustangweek.com !

2014 Mustang GT Chases 1992 Mustang GT Across The Tail Of The Dragon

More coverage from the Southeastern Foxbodies Dragon Run II to come!!



Here is the higher quality version, has a little more footage though coming down from the Foothills Parkway, Dragon starts about the ten minute mark.


2014 Mustang Week Favorites

Part 7 of our annual look back at Mustang Weeks of days gone by, these are our favorite photos from 2014

142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 1410

For all of the photos from 2014, CLICK HERE


As always, JDSMotorsports.com will be at Mustang Week from start to finish providing coverage every day. Also, new for 2015, we will be sharing live updates via the Periscope App, be sure and download the app on your mobile phone, then follow us @jdsmotorsports for all the live coverage. We will also have photos posted here everyday!


As always, for everything Mustang Week, be sure and visit the official Mustang Week site www.mustangweek.com

Mustang Week 2014 Recap

As I was preparing for my annual look back at Mustang Week’s of the past in preparation for this years edition, i realized I never did a recap thread of 2014. So here it is! All our coverage in one place.


2014 Video

Edits Round 5

Edits Round 4

Edits Round 3

Edits Round 2

Edits Round 1

2015 GT On Display @ Mustang Week

SEFB Booth @ Mustang Week

Foxbdoy Cruise




SEFB Pizza Party



Monday HardRock

Monday Update 1