New Category: “Featured Cars”

Announcing a new category for the website, “Featured Cars”. This section will highlight various cars and trucks of all years, makes, and models with pictures and a short write up. Just one more way to add content and draw people to the site!


Featured Car: 1985 “Corsche 948”

1984 Car and Driver Best Handling Sports Car In America, ’83, ’84, ’85 Car and Driver Ten Best List, the Porsche 944 definetly left the factory as a serious performer. But of the 163,192 Porsche 944’s made none of them could perform like this one does.

Thanks to the handy work of John Forbes and the gang at Black Forest Racing this 1985 Porshe 944 has been turned into a Corshe “948”. Gone is the factory power plant, in its place, a LT1 Chevy V8 engine out of a 1995 Corvette. The throttle body plate boasts 300 horsepower but with the headers, exausht, and cold air intake I’d say it might have a few more ponies than that. The conversion itself cost $15,000 dollars to have done. Money well spent I’d say. If you didn’t know better you’d think this is how the car came from the factory. The V8 looks right at home in the engine bay. All the factory gauges work as well. Fit and finish on the conversion is just top notch. Between the Europen styling, world class handling you would expect from anything with the Porsche name plate on it, and the performance from the Chevy V8 this is one fun little ride. I made a short video at the bottom of this page just to give you an idea of how quick this car revs up and goes, I’d estimate it to be a low 12 second ride with some sticky tires on it. That is a big improvement from the factory 13.9 quarter mile time. So next time you pull up at the redlight beside an 80’s model 944, you better look twice before starting anything!

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Smokey Mountain Rumble Motorcycle Ralley

Not my normal cup of tea but I wanted to swing by the Smokey Mountain Rumble to support the event. I was there kinda late Friday evening so there wasn’t a ton of stuff. Lots of vendors though and I saw a lot of bikes around town all weekend. Hopefully this event was successful enough that it will be back in 2013! Didn’t take a lot of pictures but here they are!