#LIGHTSOUT5 Event Coverage Recap



Here is a recap of all our Lights Out 5 Coverage in case you missed any of it!


Friday Overall Video

Friday Radial VS The World Qualifying Video

Friday Radial VS The World Photos

Friday Photos

Saturday Overall Video

Saturday Radial VS The World Qualifying Video

Saturday Photos

The Edits


“The Blizzard Of 2014” Video

This is a combination of footage shot over a three day period during the “Blizzard of 2014”.  Rather than make several individual video’s, I’ve combined it all into one. But I have broken it down into different chapters below, sort of a table of contents. Each section should start you at the described point! Enjoy! Watch them all!

Tuesday the 11th Riding Around Clayton, GA 0:43

Tuesday the 11th Riding Around Mountain City, GA 5:36

Wednesday the 12th Riding Around Franklin, NC 8am 9:24

Wednesday Kubota RTV Action 24:07

Wednesday Two Inches, Two Hours 26:44

Wednesday Highway Run & Stuck Side By Side Action 1 33:03

Thursday the 13th Highway Run 2 Early Morning 39:30

Thursday the 13th Drive to Clayton, GA from Franklin, NC 43:43

Thursday Afternoon Kubota RTV Mountain Climb-Slip & Slide 51:44

#LIGTHSOUT5 Saturday Event Video

If you missed Friday’s video, CLICK HERE. For Radial Vs The World qualifying Friday and Saturday visit our You Tube channel.

#LIGHTSOUT5 Friday Event Video

This is a complete video of my coverage from Friday, kinda long, but I think it turned out pretty cool! I have a seperate video from Radial VS The World qualifying from Friday, be sure and check it out too!