1st Annual SEFB.net Dragon Run: Sunday

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Sunday morning met us with a huge frost in Bryson City, but hey, its better than snow!

After a quick fuel stop in Franklin, NC, we were on our way to check out some water falls on the way to Highlands, NC.

Our first stop was Dry Falls.

After Dry Falls, we headed up to Bridal Veil Falls.

Next we were on our way to the final stretch of highway for the weekend, we took Highway 28 from Highlands, NC to Walhalla, SC.

Once in Walhalla, we pulled over and said our good byes as most of our members headed back toward Charlotte or Greenville or somewhere in that area.

John and Dylan followed me home to Franklin before saying their goodbyes and heading back to Nashville and Kentucky.

Loading Dylan’s car back on the trailer.

It was quite a weekend! Check out the trip stats!

Proud of these new road stickers on the 2013!

Big thanks to everyone who came out and made this weekend possible!

I’m working on a video now, check back HERE to see it a little later!

1st Annual SEFB.net Dragon Run: Saturday

Day two at the dragon! For all of our dragon run coverage, CLICK HERE.

We awoke Saturday to a light dusting of snow in Bryson City, but thankfully nothing major! However, we were a little worried about what the higher elevations would bring.

Here are a few shots of the cars that were in town for the Dragon Run with us. Many of these guys drove through the night in salt and snow to get here!

A few of our non-Mustang participants.

Saturday morning drivers meeting.

After scraping the snow and ice off, we headed out for our first stop for gas in Robbinsville, North Carolina. We went through some snow on the side of the road at higher elevations on our way, but nothing major.

The lady at the gas station said there was five inches of snow up on the skyway, but without real proof, all we could do is press on!

We arrived at our first destination, The Tail Of The Dragon and head inside to grab some official souvenirs a the Deal’s Gap Motorcycle Resort.

The tree of shame, hopefully there are no Mustang parts here at the end of the day!

And then, it was time to tame the dragon. I don’t have any photos because obviously I was driving, but I do have tons of go pro footage. As of writing this however, I don’t have it uploaded yet, but when I do, it will all be posted HERE.

We stopped by the lake to regroup, catch our breath and share a few fist bumps after the awesome experience of running the dragon!

From there, we headed back through the dragon for a more “spirited run”. We met back at Killboy’s and then headed back across the street to grab a bite to eat at The Dragon’s Den Pub.

If you are in the are, The Dragon’s Den Pub is a great place to eat. They got our group of almost 30 in and out in less than a half hour, plus the food is pretty dang good too!

After lunch, we headed out for the Cherohla Skyway, “The Mile High Legend”. As we climbed in elevation, the temperature quickly began to drop. By the time we reached the summit, it was 28 degrees.

Our initial plans were to run the skyway all the way to Tellico Plains, TN, then stop on the way back for a roadside picnic. But with the temperature as cold as it was we aborted that lunch plan in favor of the warm meal we had earlier at the dragon’s den, so for time’s sake we just ran to the summit and then turned around and came back. A few pictures from the top, plenty of snow up there!

The ride down the mountain was a little more sketchy than the right up. Much of the snow hadn’t melted off the inside lane that was still in the shade so we some turns were certainly more interesting than others!

Once down we stopped to top off with gas and then headed back for Bryson City.

After a hard days work, some of our pony’s got a much deserved bath before dinner!

Donnie from Boosted Performance being  a sweet heart and washing both his new 2015 as well as Travis’ 2014.

And then it was time to eat! It’s safe to say no one went away from this cook out hungry! Thanks to Rick and everyone who helped out man the grill!

How many SEFB members does it take to put together a “no tools required” simple grill?


Let the feast begin!

Big thanks to Travis for bringing us some of his new Jack Daniels ribs from his company Spartanburg Meats!

As the sun went down, it quickly got cold! But no problems, where there is fire, there is heat!

Need more wood!

And then the fire started……But hey, we were warm!!

1st Annual SEFB.net Dragon Run: Friday

This is part one of our coverage of the Southeastern Foxbodies (SEFB.net) 1st Annual Dragon Run. For all of our coverage and video’s, CLICK HERE.


Friday, March 27th, 2015, after months of planning it was finally time to kick of the first annual SEFB.net Dragon Run! The run would take us through the mountains of North & South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee and put almost 400 hard miles on our machines. It would also bring good times and great fellowship with our fellow club members and friends.

I met up with Dylan, who was on his way in from Nashville, TN at my house about 2pm. Once we got his car unloaded off the trailer, we headed our for Bryson City, NC, the location of our host hotel for the weekend.

Several club members had already made it into town before us.

After everyone got checked in and caught up on the latest, we headed to the gas station to top off for our first trip into the mountains.

Our first trip would take us down Hwy 28, a section of the road called “The Hellbender” into Franklin, NC. Once there, we would tour my dad and mine’s car collection.

We stopped along the way to take in a nice view of the river.

Arriving in Franklin, NC.

KB thinking about trading his coupe in on a Corvette.

After our shop tour, it was time to head back into Bryson City for dinner at Nick and Nates, or is it Nate and Nicks, I guess you’d have to ask the locals? Anyway, on to dinner.

After dinner, we headed back to the motel and went to bed with a threat of snow in the area. Hopefully we wouldn’t wake up to all white Mustangs!

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“Sunday Drive For Life” Car Show

It was a great day and a great turnout for the Sunday Drive For Life. A car show in Franklin, North Carolina put on by Jacob Morgan as his senior project to benefit the Relay For Life. There was around 70 car in attendance and they were able to raise over $1700 for Relay For Life! Check out the photos below!

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Thanks to all the people who helped out today from parking to food to music! Also a special thanks Jaxon’s Downtown and Wendy’s of Franklin for the awesome food! As well as everyone who donated door prizes, drinks and food!

Corvette Expo Spring 2015: Friday

It wouldn’t be a Corvette Expo without it being cold, rainy, or snowy! But no worries, tomorrow looks much better! Stay tuned for more coverage!



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