Wheels Of Yesteryear Museum

Had a chance the other weekend to tour the Wheels of Yesteryear Museum in Myrtle Beach, SC. I had heard they had added some new inventory and it had been several years since I’d been, so I figured I’d check it out. Very nice staff, cool cars, definitely worth the visit if you are in the area!


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Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2017 Auction Coverage: 1-21

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It’s Saturday, that means big money day at Barrett-Jackson! There certainly are some sweet ride scheduled to go across the block today, check out some of our favorites below!


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(All Photos Credit Barrett-Jackson.com)

The ZR1 is the “King Of The Hill”, for years, THE Vette I always wanted. This particular ZR1 in Lot 7004.1 is the “Active Suspension” prototype, making it ultra rare out of the GM Heritage Collection.


Lot 1289.1, yeah, that’s a Pontiac Fuel Injected car, ultra rare! Ultra cool!


Lot 1456, the JFK Ambulance, always a car surrounded in a little bit of controversy. One things for sure, it always makes for good TV!


Lot 1390, better known as CERV 1. Developed by Zora Arkus-Duntov, one of the most innovative, important pieces of automotive history in American history. This car has a real chance at being top seller of the weekend in my opinion.


“Tanker” Corvette’s are cool, split window coupe’s are cool, Z06’s are cool, cars owned by famous people in the automotive world are cool. Well Lot 1363 has all of that and more! Check it out!


Honestly, there is just too many awesome cars to talk about today! Just get in front of the TV and watch all of Velocity’s coverage!! It’s gonna be epic!



Don Garlits Museum: The Antique Building

This is part 1 of a 3 part tour of Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum in Ocala, Florida. There will also be a three part video series later on as a part of our JDSMotorsports.com On Location weekly video series so stay tuned!

Part 1 takes us into the “Antique Building”.

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Mecum Kissimmee 2017 Auction Coverage: Sunday 1-8

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Day three at Mecum! Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Let’s take a look at the hot ticket items going across the block today!


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All photos credit Mecum.com

Sadly in the collector car world “Hemi” just doesn’t do what it used to, but when you ad convertible to it, it still rings the bell! The GTX convertible is one of the rarest of them all! Lot L77 is 1 of 11!



Lot 82.1 not only carries three legendary drivers signature, but one of them on the door as well. Signed by Shelby, Unser, and Bondurant. This Bob Bondurant racing Mustang is a cool piece of history for anyone’s collection!

I love a Superbird, but the white on Lot L84 may be the classiest color of them all.

Lot 79.1, better known as King Of The Hill, the ZR1. This low mile example should really ring the bell!

Lot L40 brings us the first Foxbody Mustang of the auction. This is an SSP car, meaning basically it was a cop car. This particular one was a Florida Highway Patrol Car. These cars have been doing really good at auctions as of late, it will be interesting to see what trend this one sets for the year.




Top 10 Posts Of 2016

Always a favorite year in review of mine, it’s always interesting to see which new posts get the most views. Here are the top 10 for 2016! Be sure and check them all out again for a great trip down memory lane!



Mustang Week ’16: Tuesday


As Mustang Week made its debut, or redebut I guess at the convention center for the meet and greet, anticipation was high! The turnout didn’t disappoint!



Mini Trucking Nationals 2016: Saturday Night Draggin’


I’d often heard how awesome Saturday night’s were in Maggie Valley, NC after the Mini Truck Nat’s but i’d never experienced it first hand! I got some great video and photos and will definitely be back in 2017!



180 MPH Jeep Grand Cherokee @ Wanna Go Fast


By now, you’ve saw it at Street Car Takeover, on 1320 Video and many other sites, but it first really busted on to the scene here at Wanna Go Fast in Clayton, GA!




Mustang Week ’16: Friday


The second Mustang Week appearance on the list. Everyone loves car show day!



Mustang Week ’16: Saturday 7-16


I’m usually always an early arrival at Mustang Week so my early posts always get alot of hits because usually everyone else is still at home! This year was no different!


NMRA/NMCA Atlanta Dragway


The first All Star event for the NMRA/NMCA series always gets plenty of action each year!



Mustang Week ’16: The SEFB Foxbody Cruise


The Foxbody Cruise ALWAYS get’s a ton of hits!  As well it should!


Pigeon Forge Rod Run Spring ’16: Wednesday


Surprisingly, the only Rod Run appearance on the list this year!



Lights Out 7 Friday Event Coverage


The only surprise here is that it wasn’t number one. Anything Duck does draws huge crowds! What else did you expect?



Are you ready for number one? Here it is!



2014 Mustang GT Chases 1992 Mustang GT Across The Dragon


Great go pro footage from the 2nd Annual SEFB.Net Dragon Run back in the spring! Never get tired of hearing those Mustang’s scream!!