Our Top Ten YouTube Video’s Of 2017

Another year is in the books! It was a busy year for our You Tube channel JDSMotorsports Video! We added 116 new video’s during the year, bringing our over all total to 348! If you aren’t a subscriber, get over to our You Tube channel and check it out now by clicking here!

10. NHRA 1st Round Pro Mod Qualifying: Atlanta Southern Nationals

We kick off the list with some drag racing! Who doesn’t love pro mods? This is 1st round qualifying from the 2017 NHRA Southern Nationals at Atlanta Dragway.

9. Top Ten Most Memorable Vehicles Of Rod Run

With almost ten years of Rod Run coverage to choose from, picking ten cars was no easy task! Check them out!

8. 1966 Pontiac 2+2

Although this one fell short of making the 2016 Top Ten list when it debuted, it makes its first appearance on our Top Ten list almost a year later. Being my late uncles car, everyone knows how near and dear this car is to me, so to see it make the list is very cool! Look for another video on this one sometime in the 1st quarter of 2018!

7. 1976 Pontiac Grand Prix

Number seven on the list is my late uncles other Pontiac, the 1976 Grand Prix. This is this video’s second appearnce on the list, as it came in at number 10 in 2016.

6. Foxtoberfest 2012

Ah the old 2012 favorite from Foxtoberfest. Even though its fell some from number two on the 2016 list, it still brought in almost 3000 views this year.

5. Mustang Week ’16: Meet and Greet

Another returning video in the same exact spot it was on the list in 2016!


4. Detroit Diesel Powered Motorcycle

This video was number one on our 2016 list, this year it drops down to number four, but still a favorite with 3442 views.

3. Lights Out 8 @ SGMP

One of our favorite racing events of the year is Duck’s annual South Georgia race. Our 2017 video sky rocketed to number 3 at its debut on the list!

2. GMC V12 Engine

You just never know what odd stuff will do, sometimes it goes crazy, sometimes it flopped. This GMC V12 we shot at the 2016 Turkey Rod Run and debuted in early 2017 sky rocketed to number two on our list in its first year with over 17,000 views!

1. Daddy Dave VS Little Country

Number one on our list takes us back to Lights Out 8 as Daddy Dave from Street Outlaws raced the popular grudge racer Little Country in a cash race. Check it out for yourself below! Over 18,000 people have!

Year In Review: Our Top 10 Youtube Video’s Of 2016

Another favorite look back, lets take a look at our top 10 most view you tube video’s of 2016. Now keep in mind, these aren’t always all new video’s, usually there are a few old favorites that still make the top 10 list every year. check them out below!



Of all the cars I featured in 2016, I would have never thought my late uncle’s 1976 Pontiac Grand Prix would have taken off like it did. I guess it goes to show you the mid 70’s stuff is getting popular!



This one seems to make the list every year all the way back from 2012! Our Lights Out 3 video.


The 10th Annual Foxbody Cruise from Mustang Week!


The dragon! Check out my buddy Travis in his 2014 Mustang GT “chase” Dylan and his 1992 Mustang GT across the Dragon. If you look in my other video’s, there is actually a raw version of this footage that isn’t as grainy.


Another oldie that just seems to pop back up, the Mustang Week 2014 teaser video.


The Mustang Week 2016 Meet & Greet!


Another old video, “Cruisin’ The Strip Pigeon Forge 2015”


It seems like just yesterday I was at North Wilkesboro Speedway filming this. I wanted to make the film seem as sad as the state of the speedway is, by the views, I’d say I succeeded. I’d love to go back out there and film some more to see the evolution of the speedway over two more years.


This one makes the list every year! My Foxtoberfest 2012 video!



And last but not least, coming in at number one, this is a 2015 video as well but it has really made a strong appearance in 2016. The Detroit Diesel Powered Trike.



So what will make the top ten in 2017? Well that’s up to you! Thank you for watching, clicking like, and subscribing! Keep it up in 2017!

Top 10 Posts Of 2016

Always a favorite year in review of mine, it’s always interesting to see which new posts get the most views. Here are the top 10 for 2016! Be sure and check them all out again for a great trip down memory lane!



Mustang Week ’16: Tuesday


As Mustang Week made its debut, or redebut I guess at the convention center for the meet and greet, anticipation was high! The turnout didn’t disappoint!



Mini Trucking Nationals 2016: Saturday Night Draggin’


I’d often heard how awesome Saturday night’s were in Maggie Valley, NC after the Mini Truck Nat’s but i’d never experienced it first hand! I got some great video and photos and will definitely be back in 2017!



180 MPH Jeep Grand Cherokee @ Wanna Go Fast


By now, you’ve saw it at Street Car Takeover, on 1320 Video and many other sites, but it first really busted on to the scene here at Wanna Go Fast in Clayton, GA!




Mustang Week ’16: Friday


The second Mustang Week appearance on the list. Everyone loves car show day!



Mustang Week ’16: Saturday 7-16


I’m usually always an early arrival at Mustang Week so my early posts always get alot of hits because usually everyone else is still at home! This year was no different!


NMRA/NMCA Atlanta Dragway


The first All Star event for the NMRA/NMCA series always gets plenty of action each year!



Mustang Week ’16: The SEFB Foxbody Cruise


The Foxbody Cruise ALWAYS get’s a ton of hits!  As well it should!


Pigeon Forge Rod Run Spring ’16: Wednesday


Surprisingly, the only Rod Run appearance on the list this year!



Lights Out 7 Friday Event Coverage


The only surprise here is that it wasn’t number one. Anything Duck does draws huge crowds! What else did you expect?



Are you ready for number one? Here it is!



2014 Mustang GT Chases 1992 Mustang GT Across The Dragon


Great go pro footage from the 2nd Annual SEFB.Net Dragon Run back in the spring! Never get tired of hearing those Mustang’s scream!!


A Year In Photos: 2016

One of my favorite look backs of the year, I take a look at which vehicles I drove to various shows during the year. Its always interested to see which ones show up more than others, then compare them to other years! So here it is, start to finish! Enjoy!