Roxanne Black Benefit Car Show- Baldwin, GA 6-28-2015

What a great turnout today! The weather was great, well over 100 cars in attendance! Hoping they raised lots of money!



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McCoy Family Benefit Car Show & BBQ 6-27-15 Franklin, NC

Great show despite the rain today. I didn’t catch the exact total but I believe it was about 700 dollars raised for the McCoy Family. For those of you not familiar with the story, CLICK HERE to read it.

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Mustang Week 2014 Recap

As I was preparing for my annual look back at Mustang Week’s of the past in preparation for this years edition, i realized I never did a recap thread of 2014. So here it is! All our coverage in one place.


2014 Video

Edits Round 5

Edits Round 4

Edits Round 3

Edits Round 2

Edits Round 1

2015 GT On Display @ Mustang Week

SEFB Booth @ Mustang Week

Foxbdoy Cruise




SEFB Pizza Party



Monday HardRock

Monday Update 1



32nd Annual Moonshine Rod Run Newport, TN June 2015

Heard about this show for years and never made it until today, what a great little show! Nice park setting, tons of very nice cars! Most everything here is 1958 & older.


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