12 Days ‘Till HRPT ’18: The 2014 3 Stop Tour

After getting my feet wet in 2013, I knew I had to be apart of the tour in 2014. With it leaving from right here in North Carolina, how could I pass it up? That year I joined up with a couple of buddies and we ran Concord, Knoxville, and Charleston, West Virginia. Coming home mid-tour sucked! Check out all the coverage below!

Hotchkis Suspension Kick Off Party:


Day 1: Concord


Day 2: Knoxville


Day 3: Charleston, West Virginia


13 Days ‘Till HRPT ’18: Murphy North Carolina 2013

This was my first taste of the Hot Rod Power Tour and to say the least I was hooked! Me and a buddy headed out early that morning to intersect the tour from Chattanooga to Charlotte in the little town of Murphy, North Carolina. What an awesome site!

You can check out all my roadside photos at the link below!


Also, be sure and check out the video!

Mustang Week Video Countdown: Number Three

#3 is our first taste of Foxbody! Last years pizza party! An annual favorite for the Southeastern Foxbody members each Thursday night. This years party will be sponsored by National Parts Depot! Be sure and visit www.sefb.net for more info!