Lights Out 8 Event Coverage: Thursday Racing Photos

Lights Out 8 at South Georgia Motorsports Park! For all of our coverage, CLICK HERE!

Click the link for all of Thursday photos!


Turkey Rod Run 2016 Daytona Beach

It wouldn’t be thanksgiving without Turkey Rod Run in Daytona! This year was just as big as ever! Over 500 photos for you to enjoy, tons of video’s and car features to come as well! Stay tuned!


CLICK the link below for all the photos!




Great Smoky Mountains Auto Fest 2016

Didn’t grab a lot of shots but I did get a few, the 2016 Great Smoky Mountains Auto Fest at Smokies Stadium in Kodak, Tennessee.


CLICK THE LINK for all the photos



Rod Run Fall ’16: Monday

Just a few photos from Monday, its kind of a changing of the guard day between shades and rod run. I’ll have more pictures from Tuesday though!


CLICK the link for all of them.




Rod Run Fall ’16: Sunday

Rod Run, or maybe its left over cars from Shades Of The Past, either way we are here and ready to provide seven days of event coverage! We will have thousands of photos and tons of video from the entire week in Pigeon Forge! So stay tuned! Be sure and follow us on Instagram and Snap Chat @jdsmotorsports for live coverage!



Sunday’s photos are at the link below!

7lc_7451 7lc_7480 7lc_7488 7lc_7506 7lc_7511


4th Annual Jeep Invasion Pigeon Forge, TN

Like Jeeps? Well this is the show for you!

For all the photos, CLICK the link below!





If you’d rather, just sit back and watch the slide show with all the photos in it!