Our Top 10 Most Watched Video’s Of 2014

Take a look at our top ten most watched You Tube Video’s of 2014!



Taken in the spring of 2014 at the Pigeon Forge Rod Run, this one is still popular with our viewers!


Ah the 50th Mustang Anniversary Show in Charlotte, a once in a lifetime event definitely worth looking back on!


We first uploaded this video in 2012 but it remains popular! But this is the baddest drag radial race in the country so that doesn’t surprise me!


Another old video, this one featured my dad’s 1985 Porsche. We actually just traded the car off the other day.


Always a popular eventĀ on JDSMotorsports.com, our 2014 Mustang Week video!


In 2014 we made our first of what I hope to be many trips to the Hot Rod Power Tour. Our video from Knoxville comes in at number five!


Another spring rod run video, this one is from this year though!


One of our most popular video’s of all time. Foxtoberfest 2012.


Our 2014 Mustang Week teaser video, it features a look back at Mustang Weeks from 2013 to 2008.


And last but not least, our most viewed video in 2014, the 2015 Mustang GT on display at the 50th Mustang Anniversary in Charlotte, North Carolina.

100,000 Hits!!!

A couple of hours ago we achieved 100,000 hits on our webpage! Gotta say I’m very proud I never figured when I started it two years ago(the actual page existed before then, but not in its current format) I would ever get anywhere close to that! Thank you all for viewing the content and clicking those links!!


50,000 Hits!

Late last night we achieved 50,000 hits on JDSMotorsports.com! In 2012(Feb-Dec) we had 23,688 hits, in 2013 we have already had more hits than we did in ALL of 2012! Big thanks to YOU the reader for coming back time and time again and enjoying our website!!!