Ebay Find Of The Week: Roush Mustang GT1 Trans Am Race Car

This weeks Ebay Find Of The Week takes us back to the race track via a Roush built Mustang GT1 Trans Am car. This is the quickest way I know to dominate your local club races and SCCA events! This thing is just nasty looking! Its an older chassis from the end of the glory days in Trans Am racing retrofitted with a new Mustang body. Its a unique piece for sure. Here is the article from the ad.

Factory Built Roush RR-022-92 Mustang Trans Am SCCA

2011 ACP Mustang Body. Fresh Roush Cup D3 358 engine. The best of all parts you can buy. Only 2 races since a complete bare metal chassis rebuild. This car was taken down and every part inspected, magnafluxed, powder coated and plated. All new interior panels, New bearings and spindles, complete rebuilt BBS wheels with new shells and seals.

Every part of this car was touched and updated to the very latest and best parts. It cost well of $275k for this project. All work was done by Profab, they have built some of the fastest Race Cars on the west coast. The Roush engine was not a left over Cup engine, but a fresh build with new parts. Motor alone cost over $50k. The transmission is a brand new EMCO sequintial with all REM finished internals. It can set up to run a no lift shift and throttle blipper.
It comes with three sets of BBS wheels and a set of rain tires. Two sets of slicks that have been just scrubbed. The car was run in SPO format, so it had additional Aero upgrades. A carbon front under-tray and better rear WC carbon rear wing. The suspension is a Three link adjustable Trans am set up with Penske 3-way shocks that have just been serviced. Brembo 6 piston front brakes and Alcon rear brakes are all rebuilt and ready to go. New Fuel cell was installed a year ago with Dual pumps feeding the Roush built Holley carb. All Braided lines were replace at rebuild time. The exhaust system is new as well. It is oval port to match heads and is a 4-2-1 with a 5″ Flowmaster that meet SCCA sound regulations. All electrical was redone and looks very professional. New Strange 9″ alloy housing with 3:89 gearing in a fab style rear axle housing. All the body work is a Carbon Kevlar with vinyl yellow wrap (it is not painted).

This car was run in SCCA Trans-Am in the 90’s then it went to Central America to run in the equilivant where it one several Championships and is well known. It was supported by Roush while in central america, and had all the Tommy Kendall updates done to it. It is set up for the Big Radial tires now. This is a top flight Trans am car that has history and is ready to go.

To view the add CLICK HERE

LAG_9126 LAG_9128 LAG_9132 LAG_9144

Restrictor Plates Are Off: The Single File 500 Still Excites, Danica Delivers, And The Fence-Of-Tomorrow


Restrictor Plates Are Off:The Single File 500 Still Excites, Danica Delivers, Fence-Of-Tomorrow

By: Jeff Southard

The Single File 500 Still Excites

After watching the Sprint Unlimited I promised myself I would hold off judgement on the Gen-6 race car, the pack was two small, people were just getting a feel for the car, give it time. Well after 500 plus miles the Gen-6 still sucks on the plate track just as bad as I thought it did. Hopefully NASCAR will make a few changes before the next plate race. No one could pass anyone. I wasn’t a fan of the two car tandem but this isn’t the pack racing I wanted back either. Pack racing is two and three wide, this was a single car train. At least with the two car tandem there was passing. I’m not going to completely throw the car under the bus though, I know it will take time to perfect. The race was what it was, in the end of the day, it was still full of excitement and story lines. Even though the on track racing may not have been perfect it was still exciting and light years away from being boring!  With the huge crash taking out several contenders early, the trio of Toyota cars having mechanical troubles, and all the Danica-mania it was still an exciting 500 miles.

Danica Delivers

Its hard not to be impressed with the job Danica Patrick did. She ran top ten pretty much all day long and was around at the end. There wasn’t much passing to be done and even less with the lack of help Danica was getting. But hopefully the more experience she gets the more the other drivers will stop treating her like a female and start treating her like another driver. Her performance today was smooth and error free. It reminds me a lot of her Indy 500 runs. Danica runs her own race and doesn’t let whats going on around her effect her. If she can get faster at the tracks she isn’t as good at she could prove to be a very consistent Cup racer.


I’m not going to go a lot into reviewing the crash in the Nationwide race on Saturday. I posted a few pictures that can be saw by CLICKING HERE. What I do want to talk about is the cry for change. Now don’t get me wrong, it was a horrible accident and my thoughts and prayers go out to those effected. We are very lucky it wasn’t worse. I’ve heard people suggest via twitter,  radio and various other sources over the past 48 hours everything from bullet proof glass walls to tearing down grand stands and moving them backwards and building them up higher. I think everyone needs to take a deep breath and calm down before they start changing things. The catch fence for the most part did its job 100%. It caught the engine and half the suspension. It kept the car on the track. It was just a fluke deal that one piece of the suspension flew into the stands. That is part of racing, no one ever claimed that sitting in the stands was 100% safe. I’ve dodged my fair share of hoods and body parts at drag racing events over the years. I almost had a street stock fly into my lap several years ago at a 1/4 mile dirt track. Its is just the chance you take. I bring up the street stock to disprove those who say we need to slow the cars down. Freak accidents can happen at any speed.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting we sit by the way side and hope it doesn’t happen again. But I don’t think immediate change is needed either. If someone can come up with a safer idea for a catch fence that doesn’t obstruct the view of the fans then I’m all for it. But until then what we have works pretty well. Hopefully until then the “perfect storm” that we saw on Saturday won’t happen again!

Bone Head Move Of The Week

Rapper 50-cent made Erin Andrews Daytona 500 experience super awkward, just watch.


Not to mention his odd tweet “Damn, I don’t see no black people lol”

Debuting this week to go along with our Bone Head award the “Flat Tire” award and the “Hard Charger” award. The flat tire will be given to the driver with the worst performance of the weekend. The hard charger will be given to the best performance of the weekend, not necessarily the race winner, just an inspiring performance.

The Flat Tire Award

Carl Edwards: I lost count at four or five torn up race cars this weekend. But even when he wasn’t wrecking he wasn’t doing much. He was running in the back of the Sprint Unlimited and the back of the Daytona 500 when he got into trouble. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of how Edwards plans to turn his season around from his 2012 woes or its going to be a long year for the #99 fans.

The Hard Charger Award

Micheal McDowell and J.J. Yeley: Both drivers started at the back of the field, 38 and 41st. Both drivers are driving for underfunded teams. But most importantly both drivers brought it home in the top ten and netted huge pay days to help them race another day!


For the biggest part of the day I thought sure my pick Matt Kenseth was going to pull it out for me but that all went up in smoke 3/4’s of the way through.

For Phoenix this weekend I’m going with Kyle Busch. He ran strong there in the fall and will no doubt be up on the wheel after blowing a motor in Daytona.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports Picks

Even with Matt Kenseth blowing up in Daytona I still managed to tie for 1st on one of my leagues and finish 2nd in the other. My picks off Matt Kenseth, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Greg Biffle, and Danica Patrick scored me 292 points.

Here are my picks for Phoenix this week!

A. Kevin Harvick

B. Kurt Busch & Kyle Busch

C. Danica Patrick

Kyle Larson In The Daytona Spotlight For All The Wrong Reasons

When you search Kyle Larson’s name on yahoo this morning the top story that comes up is  “Kyle Larson’s Car Flies Into Catch Fence And Injures Fans”. If you look on down you find “Kyle Larson Takes Controversial Win At The Battle At The Beach”. Not exactly the two headlines young Larson had hoped to take away from the 2013 Speedweeks. Number one, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time in the last lap wreck on Saturday. Number two, his bump and run on C.E. Faulk last Monday night was just good old fashioned short track racing, a young kid going hard for his first short track victory, nothing wrong with that! But instead of focusing on what has already been covered, I want to focus on some of the highlights that haven’t been mentioned near as much as they should this week. (In no particular order)

NASCAR Diversity Driver Of The Year

Kyle Larson was awarded the 2012 NASCAR Drive For Diversity Driver Of The Year Award last week.

(Photo Credit: @kylelarsonracin)

Qualifies 21st In His 1st NASCAR Nationwide Series Start

Not a bad starting position for his first career Nascar Nationwide Series start. Kyle will be running the entire 2013 season for Turner-Scott Motorsports in the #32 Chevrolet Camaro.

(Photo Credit: @kylelarsonracin)

10th, 16th and 1st Place Finishes At The Battle Of The Beach

10th place in the K&N Pro Series race, 16th in the Whelen Modified race, and 1st in the Whelen All American Series race. That’s a 9th place average. Not bad! Not to mention he had only ran five career laps in a Modified before!

(Photo Credit: DaytonaInternationalSpeedway.com)

(Photo Credit: @kylelarsonracin)

Wins at New Smyrna in the USAC Midget Race

Check out the video!

2nd Place Finish For Larson In Arca Race

Larson finished second in the Arca race, a great way to start of speedweeks!

(Photo Credit: Autoweek.com)

Larson Falls To 13th In Nationwide Series Opener

Not the way Kyle wanted to finish his Nationwide debut, he still comes home 13th in the final standings which should make him 10th in points once you take out the Cup regulars. While I’m sure he wished the end of the race would have played out different, its still a good finish considering all the torn up race cars.

Larson Comes Out Of Speedweeks With 7th Place Finish Average

Not bad right? 7 races, 7 different series’, 3 different race tracks, I’d say all and all it was a pretty impressive speedweeks for Kyle Larson, lets give the kid a little credit!

Scary Daytona Nationwide Race Crash

First off our thoughts and prayers go out to those who were injured today in the NASCAR Nationwide race. A last lap race sent Kyle Larson’s car flying into the catch fence. His engine was torn out of the car and mangled in the catch fence. A tire and part of the suspension from the car flew into the stands. As of this time there are now solid updates other than fans have  been injured. There is a NASCAR news conference at 6 pm.


(Images below: Photo Credit Getty Images)

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Lights Out 4: Unfinished Business Friday Coverage

Well it was a short day of drag racing in South Georgia. We got to the track about 9:30 this morning ready for some action but were soon disappointed  The first pass of the day was a massive wheel stand leading to a busted oil pan and oil down. By the time they got that cleaned up only a couple of dozen or so cars made it down the track before the rains came and stayed.  I got word about 3:30 that they called the event for the day. Sadly tomorrow doesn’t look much better! I did snap a few pics this morning, mostly in the pits, not much racing action!

For all the pictures CLICK HERE

Opinion: Battle At The Beach Nothing More Than Short Track Racing At Its Best

The fire started off Monday night with Kyle Larson’s last lap move to win the Whelen All American Series race at The Battle At The Beach and was fueled on Tuesday night with Steve Park’s last lap move on Mike Stefanik in the Whelen Modified race. A few extra coals were tossed on the blaze in a wild finish to the K&N Pro Series event. Fans, NASCAR drivers, and media members are ready to throw Kyle Larson out to dry for his last lap “bump and run”. Mike Stefanik was about to blow a gasket over Steve Park move around him.  Have people forgot that this is SHORT TRACK racing? From the media and fan outrage you would think that Jimmy Johnson had turned Dale Jr. on the last lap of the Daytona 500 and sent him flipping into the stands! Its easy to loose sight in all the fuss that this was a 1/4 mile flat oval. If you put that many cars and that many hungry drivers on a track like that what do you expect to happen?

If you missed the races and don’t have a clue what I am talking about you can see all three of them in full length by CLICKING HERE.

For almost every driver that climbs into a stock car their dream is to race at Daytona. A select few get to live that dream, but of those only the elite ever make it to victory lane and get to take home a trophy from Daytona. Of those elite, only a few of those trophies come from Speedweeks. The UNOH Battle At The Beach was a chance for three short track racers to take home one of those special trophies. Not to mention a chance at a lot of cash. So what did you expect them to do? Take a chance at the spotlight? The glory? The money? The trophy? Or finish second and let a once in a lifetime chance pass them by? Now granted in Kyle Larson’s position he will have other chances at a Daytona trophy, in fact he has another one this weekend. But look at Steve Park, a guy who once had it all, he is no stranger to how quickly your rug can be jerked out from under you.  Look at all the people involved in the crazy K&N Pro Series finish. All of those guys aren’t promised  much more than the next few races, they are paving their own path to glory. NASCAR is about winning races, as a sponsor or team owner I’d much rather have a driver who went for it all and won the race than one that was content to ride in second or third. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying everyone should drive dirty and wreck people at will, but when the money is on the line at the end, all bets are off.

Also lets not loose site that this was an ALL STAR race. No points. Similar to the Sprint Unlimited or the all star race in May. Everyone is there to win, nothing else. This fact seems to get lost when people are busy tossing the winners under the buses and out into traffic.

I’ll leave you with this video. Its a compilation of NASCAR last lap finishes. Let it be a reminder to those up on their high horse than when the money is on the line, most everyone will do whatever ti takes to get to victory lane.