JDSMotorsports.com Full Feature: 1966 Ford Mustang Coyote Swap

We mentioned it in our “Coming in 2017….” post, now it’s here! This will be a permanent feature after the first of the year every Thursday! Check out first edition below with Lewis Mesta’s 1966 Ford Mustang!


JDSMotorsports.com Quick Feature: 2014 Mustang GT On Daytona Beach

We mentioned it in our “Coming in 2017….” post, now it’s here! This will be a permanent Wednesday feature on the site starting in 2017. The “Quick Feature” will be a short video showcasing various cars & trucks I run across at shows across the south.


Our first quick feature comes to you from the shores of the world’s most famous beach, Daytona Beach, Florida. I have to admit, riding in and getting to shoot this car on the actual beach was a very cool experience! One I won’t soon forget! Check out Travis Smith’s 2014 Mustang GT!



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JDSMotorsports.com On Location: The Sights & Sounds Of Bellair Plaza 2016

We mentioned it in our “Coming in 2017….” post, now it’s here! This will be a permanent Tuesday weekly feature in 2017, JDSMotorsports.com On Location will take you to various events around the south and the country. From local cruise nights to national shows, there will be a little bit of everything!


Our debut episode takes us to Daytona Beach, Florida and Bellair Plaza For “The Sights & Sounds Of Bellair Plaza 2016”. Be sure and subscribe to our youtube channel so you don’t miss a thing in 2017! Be sure and throw us a “like” on that video too!

If you missed our photos from Bellair Plaza, CLICK HERE!


Coming In 2017 To JDSMotorsports.com

A few weeks ago during our “Under Construction” announcement, we teased an announced a few changes coming to the website in 2017. Well know it is time to fully unveil all the changes, returns and continuations of the regular content.

Event Coverage

Like always, there will be plenty of car show event coverage from all across the south. This year we will feature more video content than ever before, which might mean just a few less photos, but I promise the video will more than make up for it!

Weekly Video’s

Speaking of video’s! As we announced in our under construction announcement. We will be featuring three new weekly uploads hopefully EVERY week during 2017.


On Tuesday’s, we will have a new “JDSMotorsports.com On Location” video featuring event coverage from events small to large all over the south. These may be a little slow at the start of the year, but I’m trying hard to get enough events shot until we can get into the busy season!


On Wednesday’s , we will have a new “JDSMotorsports.com Quick Feature”. This will be similar to some of the feature’s we were doing last year on cars at events. These are cars we run across at various events that are worth a second look. Short, to the point 4-6 minute video’s with a quick description of the car or truck along with photos and video.


On Thursday’s, we will have a new “JDSMotorsports.com Feature Car”. This will be a full length feature on the car and at times its owner. Many will feature not only still photos and video, but driving action as well. We are really looking forward to these and bringing you 52 unique rides in 2017! If you are interested in having your ride featured, email us at jeff@jdsmotorsports.com today!

Auction Coverage

In the past, we have had various auction coverage, cars to watch, etc from Barrett-Jackson, Mecum, etc. We slacked off a little bit in this department in 2016 but it’s back by popular demand and in full force in 2017. We have other 50 article’s featuring auction coverage from all the major collector car companies in the US and across the world. As you probably know, between Mecum in Florida and Barrett-Jackson in Arizona, January IS collector car auction month, so stay tuned, business will pick up very soon in this department!

Improved Social Media

We will have a much larger presence on social media in 2017. Starting mainly with Instagram and on Snapchat. You can find us on both @jdsmotorsports . Our Facebook page will also have much more content on it in 2017. Not only will we feature our original content, but we will also share some of our favorite videos, articles, photos, and news from around the automotive world. If you don’t already “like” our page, you can do so on the right hand side of the screen.

Event Calendar

One of the most asked questions I get is, “How do you know when events are?”. Honestly, there is no one answer, I use a variety of different outlets to search for events across the south. In the past I’ve tried to host event calendars on JDSMotorsports.com as well as a separate site the car show journal, honestly, its just too much work. But what I have put together, all new for 2017, is a list of resources I personally use to find events, both local, regional, and nationwide. You can check out this new feature as soon as it becomes available but CLICKING HERE.

Crowd Funding

Last but not least! For years, people have asked, how do you make money off your website? How do I buy your photos? Well the answer has always been simple, I don’t and they are free! But for those who continue to support the site and wish to see it grow, I have a new option that you can support it via money and “crowd funding”. Basically, you commit to a monthly donation for as long as you feel comfortable, whether its one dollar, ten dollars whatever, it all helps and is all appreciated! You can find out more at the link below!


Roll Out Schedule

Okay, now that you know what’s coming, here is when to expect it! Most all of the new features should be up and working by January 1st. This Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we will debut a new “Quick Feature”, “On Location”, and “Full Feature”. Then the weekly video’s will start the week of January 1st. If you haven’t already, be sure to go to our you tube page and subscribe so you don’t miss out!

In between now and the first of the year, we will be tweaking the site, finalizing the new features, and posting our normal year in review content. We will also be busy preparing our auction coverage for after the 1st of the year!

Thank you for your continued support in the past and the future! Things are only going to get bigger and better! Keep clicking and help us make 2017 our biggest and best year yet!!