#LIGTHSOUT5 Saturday Event Video

If you missed Friday’s video, CLICK HERE. For Radial Vs The World qualifying Friday and Saturday visit our You Tube channel.

#LIGHTSOUT5 Friday Event Video

This is a complete video of my coverage from Friday, kinda long, but I think it turned out pretty cool! I have a seperate video from Radial VS The World qualifying from Friday, be sure and check it out too!


#LightsOut5 Coverage “Radial VS The World” Friday Night Photos

I have video to come, but I wanted to add the photos I took Friday night during Radial VS The World to the site, sadly my camera battery died about 3/4’s of the way through!

For all the pictures, CLICK HERE


#LightsOut5 Saturday Coverage

If you missed yesterday’s coverage, CLICK HERE


For all the pictures from Saturday, CLICK HERE


More pictures from Radial VS The World uploading now, lots of video to come tomorrow and Monday!