11th Annual JDRF Charity Car Show

Sorry for the long delay on these! I kept thinking I would have time to right up an article about it but I just haven’t gotten around to it! We ended up with 167 cars which was down just a little but still a solid number! We are still receiving donations but we raised somewhere around 2500 dollars for JDRF!

Check out the link for the photos!



NE GA Swap Meet August ’17 Non-Ford Photos

To check out all the cool Ford’s from the show, check out our article below on FordMuscle.com!




For everything non-Ford, click the link below!





Wanna Go Fast Georgia May 2017

First off, for all your Ford’s, be sure and go check out my article on www.fordnxt.com! Just click on the link below!




For everything else, the photos are at the link below! Video coming soon!