Lights Out 8 Event Coverage: Thursday Racing Photos

Lights Out 8 at South Georgia Motorsports Park! For all of our coverage, CLICK HERE!

Click the link for all of Thursday photos!


Lights Out 7 Friday Event Coverage

If you hadn’t heard by now, this years Lights Out race was even bigger and better than ever! Thanks Duck & crew for putting on another awesome race!!

We were lucky enough to spend the day at the track on Friday, the crowd was huge, car count was awesome! Check out our coverage below!


For all of our photos from the pits, visit the link below!

For all of our racing photos, visit the link below!

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DSC_0546-001 DSC_0548-001 DSC_0550-001 DSC_0551-001 DSC_0552-001 DSC_0539-001 DSC_0529-001 DSC_0506-001 DSC_0505-001 DSC_0390-001 DSC_0472-001 DSC_0490-001 DSC_0492-001 DSC_0312-001 DSC_0310-001 DSC_0267-001 DSC_0078-001

#LIGHTSOUT5 Event Coverage Recap



Here is a recap of all our Lights Out 5 Coverage in case you missed any of it!


Friday Overall Video

Friday Radial VS The World Qualifying Video

Friday Radial VS The World Photos

Friday Photos

Saturday Overall Video

Saturday Radial VS The World Qualifying Video

Saturday Photos

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