38th Annual NE GA Antique Auto Show

I only made it to one day in Clarkesville this year, the rain washed me out on Sunday, hopefully they had a good turnout! Things were a little down on Saturday!



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38th Annual North East GA Antique Auto Show

Another great show at the fairgrounds in Clarksville, Georgia. The weather was nice and the car show was full of great cars. Instead of separate coverage, I’ve lumped both days into one.



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Clarksville Auto Show ’14: Sunday

Car Show day in Clarksville, Georgia! If you missed our coverage from Friday, CLICK HERE.

Great weather and a great turnout today, over 200 cars on the show field!



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35th Annual Northeast GA Car & Truck Show: Sunday

Last day of the 35th Annual Northeast Georgia Car & Truck Show. The rain kept a lot of the cars away but there was still a pretty decent turnout. If you missed Friday and Saturday’s coverage CLICK HERE and HERE

For all of Sunday’s pictures CLICK HERE


35th Annual Northeast GA Car & Truck Show: Saturday

Day two in Clarksville! The skies didn’t look good but the rain held off for a little while! The turnout was down from years past but there were still several very nice cars out on the show field!

If you missed Friday’s coverage, CLICK HERE

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35th Annual Northeast GA Car & Truck Show: Friday

Just a few pictures today, lots of coverage coming tomorrow and Saturday! Hopefully the rain holds off!


IMG_0628 IMG_0629 IMG_0630 IMG_0631 IMG_0632 IMG_0633 IMG_0634