Rod Run Fall ’16: Monday

Just a few photos from Monday, its kind of a changing of the guard day between shades and rod run. I’ll have more pictures from Tuesday though!


CLICK the link for all of them.




Mustang Week ’16: Tuesday

Well Mustang Week has officially started! The MW Staff knocked it out of the park with the new meet and greet location! I’m not sure I’ve ever saw so many Mustang’s in one place! Gonna be an epic week for sure!



CLICK the link below for all the photos!




7LC_3715 7LC_3759 7LC_3762 7LC_3787

Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2016 Tuesday Docket

Tuesday at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale! Be sure and check out the TV Schedule to see all the action! CLICK HERE to see it.

For the compete auction listing from today, click the link below.


Here is a few of our favorites cars going across the block today.

You never see any Mercury trucks, I’ve always thought these were super cool. Shame they didn’t make more of them!


I love me some AMX, these were pretty bad little rides in factory form, this one advertises over 500 horsepower!

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Stay tuned for more Barrett-Jackson coverage through out the week!