Daytona 500 Picks

It’s almost race season! Time for our weekly picks again. I will be picking drivers for Yahoo Fantasy NASCAR each week as well as an overall race winner.


This week I’m going with Tony Stewart to win the 500. He’s long over due and even though he hasn’t showed much in qualifying or practice, he seems confident with his race car. He’s fresh, recharged, and ready to go, I think this is Tony’s year.

Yahoo Fantasy Picks

My A team starter will be Kevin Harvick. He’s proven he can get around Daytona and will be looking to get off to a strong start of SHR. On my B team I’m going with Ryan Newman and as mentioned above, Tony Stewart. Newman is going to have a very fast car at RCR and I think he has the best chance on that team to put it in victory lane. On my C team, I’m going with Austin Dillon. There is a lot of pressure on Austin, but I think he is up to the challenge, in fact, I ALMOST picked him to win the race.

I’m not going to bother sharing my bench this week since no qualifying points are given for the 500, its not really important.

NASCAR Picks: Richmond

I was a slacker last week and didn’t post my results for Bristol or my picks for Atlanta. So here is a bit of a recap!

Bristol wasn’t a good night for me. I had Brad Keselowski picked to win, along with a supporting cast of Kyle Busch, Kurt Busch, and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. That crew brought me home a 30th, 11th, 31st, and 18th. Anyway you shape that, it wasn’t good! Brad’s 30th place finish brought my average finish down to 13.88 for the year.

At Atlanta I picked Kasey Kahne to win the race. My B team had Juan Pablo Montoya and Carl Edwards on it. I had David Ragan on my C team. This lineup netted me a 36th, 7th, 18th, and 23rd place finishes. Again, not a real good week. Khane’s 36th place finish brought my average finish down to 14.76, that’s the worst its been since Martinsville early in the season! But with one race to go before the chase I’m looking to rebound! I’ve still got a top ten finish on that average in site and at least one overall championship in site on my Yahoo Fantasy Sports Picks!


To start that rebound this weekend at Richmond I am going with Clint Bowyer. He had the race one last week at Atlanta had not that hot power plant have blown up, he can get the job done at Richmond and should be considered a chase favorite. I’m just hoping he doesn’t have another one of those ticking time bomb Toyota’s under the hood this week! To see all my picks and averages for the year, CLICK HERE

Yahoo Fantasy Sports Picks

A summer segment that started out so strong for me in both my leagues has dwindled to average at best. For the summer segment I sit 4th in my small league and 21st in my big league. Overall for the year I’m 3rd in my small league and 7th in my big league. With a little luck, I still might be able to pull them both off!

But first I need to finish the summer segment strong at Richmond! As I mentioned above my A team driver is Clint Bowyer, I haven’t picked him much this year, which is a good thing especially if he gets hot in the chase, heck if he just stays as consistent has he’s been he should score me a lot of points! With 6 starts left after Richmond look for Clint Bowyer’s name to appear a lot at the top of my picks!

On my B team I’m going with Kyle Busch and Dale Earnhardt Jr. This will be my final start for Kyle Busch of the year and with momentum on his side and 4 Richmond wins in the past what better place to use it? This is my second to last start for Dale Jr., I figure with the team needing a top ten to insure they stay in the chase he is a nice top 5 pick and at this point that’s what I need, a whole team of solid finishes.

On the C team I’m going with Ricky Stenhouse Jr. He ran good here in the spring and hopefully can repeat!


NASCAR Picks: Bristol


While Kasey Kahne didn’t pull off the win for me last week at Michigan, I’m just happy with a top ten finish. Kahne came home 7th pulling my average up ever so slightly to 13.17. To see all my picks and averages for the year, CLICK HERE. This week I’m going with Brad Keselowski. Penske Racing is fresh off a win last week with Joey Logano and Brad should be more motivated than ever to put a mark in his win column. Bristol is a place that Brad and the blue deuce know their way around all too well.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports Picks

As I mentioned above, my A driver, Kasey Kahne came home in 7th place. My B driver Greg Biffle came home 9th. My C driver Austin Dillon came home 14th in Tony Stewart’s car. It was my other B driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. that really screwed me over with his 36th place finish.

This week I’m going Brad Keselowski as my A driver, the Busch brothers for my B team, and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. for my C driver.

NASCAR Picks: Michigan


31st? Really? I was sure Marcos Ambrose was a LOCK for a top ten last week! Oh well there goes my average taking another hit, down to 13.23. To see all my picks and averages for the year, CLICK HERE.

This week I’m going with Kasey Khane. He had a good run going at the last Michigan race and has been on the verge of breaking out big. Its chase time and time to go or go home.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports Picks

Last week still turned out to be a decent week on Yahoo Fantasy Sports for me. My a driver Brad Keselowski came home 2nd, one of my b drivers, Juan Pablo Montoya came home in 5th, and while Ambrose came home 31st  he still scored me a nice laps lead bonus and a qualifying bonus. My C driver Max Papis came home a solid 15th to round out the effort.

This week as I mentioned earlier my A driver is Kasey Khane, on the B team I’ve got Dale Jr. and Greg Biffle. On my C team I’ve got Austin Dillon who will be driving Tony Stewart’s car this week. Austin ran strong at Michigan at the last race here and should carry that momentum over into Tony’s car.

NASCAR Picks: Watkins Glen


While Brad Keselowski didn’t get the job done at Pocono he did come home in 6th place, bumping my yearly average up just a little bit. To see all my picks for the year, CLICK HERE.

This week I’m going down under for my race winner, I’m going with Marcos Ambrose. With Tony Stewart seemingly out of the chase, that wild card spot seems even more reachable. That motivation should be enough to get Marcos up on the wheel and get the job done at Watkins Glen.


Yahoo Fantasy Picks

Last week was a good week for me on Yahoo Fantasy Picks and I definitely needed it!

As I said above, my A driver Brad Keselowski finished 6th, my B drivers Joey Logano and Greg Biffle finished 7th and 10th and my C driver David Ragan came home 21st. I also picked up qualifying bonuses for my bench drivers Jimmie Johnson, Ryan Newman, and Kyle Busch.

This week at Watkins Glen I’m confident as ever, and going for the win! On my A team I’ve got Brad Keselowski. He’s on the upswing and has proven he can run strong at Watkins Glen.

On my B team I’m going with the road course duo again, my pick to win the race Marcos Ambrose and Juan Pablo Montoya.

On my C team I’m going with Tony Stewart’s replacement, Mad Max Papis. He’s got a good car and knows how to handle the stock cars around a road course. I think he’s a lock for top ten or maybe even better. The motivation of winning one for Tony could be a powerful thing.

Usually I don’t mention my bench drivers but I feel on a road course they are worth mentioning because there are valuable points to be had. I’m going with Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch, Ryan Newman, and one driver definitely not to be overlooked, Owen Kelly.

NASCAR Picks: Pocono

While last week wasn’t great, it wasn’t the end of the world for me either. Tony Stewart came home 4th, my pick to win Juan Paublo Montoya came home 9th, giving my pick-a-winner average a little boost. McMurray was a solid 15th, while Danica proved again why you should never pick her, and came home in 30th.


This week I’m going out on a bit of a limb at going with Brad Keselowski for the win. He’s got it done before at Pocono under pressure and this weekend he should be feeling plenty of pressure because if he doesn’t win and win soon, he is going to be working on 2014 during the chase.  For all my picks and averages for the year CLICK HERE

Yahoo Fantasy Sports Picks

This week for my a driver, like I mentioned I’m going with Brad Keselowski. On the B team I’m going with Joey Logano and Greg Biffle. On the C team I’m going with David Ragan. I’m a little worried about having all my eggs in the Ford basket this week but hopefully it works out for me!