Mustang Week ’16: Foxbody Cruise Photos

The 10th Annual Foxbody Cruise was a huge success!! 155 cars this year!



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Mustang Week Event Coverage 2015: SEFB.Net Foxbody Cruise

Another great year for the Southeastern Foxbodies Foxbody Cruise! They set a new record this year with 157 foxbodies and 11 non-foxes. This year they raised money for Make A Wish Foundation and were able to raise 900 dollars!

The Make A Wish child Caleb was also in attendance and was able to ride up front in the cruise!

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Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2015: Wednesday Cars To Watch

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Lot 340: 1957 Chevrolet Smokey Yunick Tribute

What makes this one cool: Anything Smokey Yunick is cool, tribute or not!

Lot 324: 1991 GMC Syclone

What makes it cool: I drove one to high school and my dad has one sitting in his garage. These AWD, turbo charged trucks are a blast to drive! Very curious to see what this one brings!

How about a pair of Ford Talladega’s? Lot 509 & Lot 559

What makes this one cool: Very underrated Aero Warrior, they are slowly climbing the price ladder like the Plymouth Superbird’s and the Dodge Daytona’s

Lot 563: 1963 Chevrolet Corvette

What makes this one cool: It is a good friend of mine’s car so I have to give it a shout out!

5-3-14 Seneca, SC Cruise In

This was my first cruise night in Seneca, SC but it won’t be my last! What a great place to have a cruise in, great cars, really nice people!


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If you want to watch our “Pic-Ta-Show” from the event, a slide show of sorts, just click play below!

Actual video to come, stay tuned!!!!