Top 10 Cars Of 2013

Below I’ve comprised a list of my Top 10 favorite cars that I have taken photos of at various shows around during the year. Picking a top 10 wasn’t easy, there are at least 50 more that could have been on this list! But somehow, I narrowed it down to just 10!




101 102


I saw this black Dodge Demon at the Cabin Fever show last January in Knoxville, TN.


bald4 bald1 bald2 bald3


Always been a sucker for a Baldwin Motion car, this Chevelle was at Mecum in Kissimmiee last January.


bluemach1 bluemach2 bluemach3


Another car from the Cabin Fever show in Knoxville, TN last January. I think this one speaks for itself.


z061 z062 z063


Split Window, Fuelly, Z06, the list goes on and on.


61 62 63 64


One of the cleanest, most original 1955 Chevy’s I’ve ever saw.


51 52 53 54


One of the slickest builds I have ever saw. I nice mix of classic and nasty!


41 42 43 44 45


One of my favorite cars of all time. A Shelby Daytona Coupe.


31 32


You had to know there would be a foxbody on my list!


21 22


One of the nicest Bandit cars I’ve ever saw, Coors beer and all!!


11 12 13 14 15


I’ve heard stories for years about the “Entombed” Vette, so getting to see it in real life was a real treat!

100,000 Hits!!!

A couple of hours ago we achieved 100,000 hits on our webpage! Gotta say I’m very proud I never figured when I started it two years ago(the actual page existed before then, but not in its current format) I would ever get anywhere close to that! Thank you all for viewing the content and clicking those links!!


Remembering Those We’ve Lost In The Motorsports World In 2012

Through out the year if I see a significant individual has passed away in the motorsports world I try to make a note on here but sometimes I don’t catch them all so I thought I would take this time to pay our respects to those that we have lost in 2012. Each name is an active link to their respective Wikipedia page(if applicable).


Chris Economaki: “The Dean Of American Motorsports” October 15th 1920 – September 28th 2012

Bob Newton: Founder of Hoosier Racing Tires

Cecil Gordon: Nascar Driver June 21st 1941 – September 19th 2012

Jerry Grant: First driver to break 200 mph in an Indy Car January 23rd 1935 – August 12th 2012

Buck Simmons: Legendary Dirt Track Racer July 13th 1946 – August 12th 2012

Cotton Owens: Nascar Hall of Famer May 21st 1924 – June 7th 2012

Caroll Shelby: Automotive ledgend January 11th 1923 – May 10th 2012

Dr. Joseph Mattioli: Founder of Pocono Raceway

Mildred Marcum: Co-Founder Of The Arca Series

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