Turkey Rod Run 2013: Thursday Night Bellair Plaza

We are live in Daytona Beach, Florida for the 40th Anniversary of The Turkey Rod Run! Check out tonight’s shots from Bellair Plaza! We also took a ton of video and Go Pro footage to be processed when we get back home! Be sure and stay tuned, coverage from the track coming tomorrow!

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Stay tuned for coverage of the 40th Anniversary of The Turkey Rod Run

Starting Thursday we will have coverage of the 40th Anniversary of the Turkey Rod Run from Daytona Beach, Florida. Stay tuned for thousands of pictures and video from both the day time activities at the track and the night time happenings at Bellair Plaza.


But in the mean time, lets take a look back at last years Turkey Rod Run event coverage!

Click the links below for each section of coverage!

Thursday @ Bellair Plaza

Friday @ The Track

Friday @ Bellair Plaza

Our Top Ten Picks From The 2012 Turkey Rod Run

Turkey Rod Run Daytona Beach 2012: Thursday-Belair Plaza

Just got in to town this afternoon. I would have had pictures up sooner but the hotel internet only works in the parking lot and not inside the hotel rooms, imagine that! Anyway pictures from Belair Plaza are uploading now. There wasn’t as much stuff as normal there. From the signs and the way it look I’m not sure if they are going to allow stuff to sit there over night or not(stupid move if they don’t but that is a whole ‘nother discussion). I have a feeling parking will be tough there tomorrow night so if you are planning on coming out after the show I’d get there early! Stay tuned for tons more pictures tomorrow pending the internet will work with me long enough to get them posted.

The pictures are finishing uploading as of 9:30 eastern time tonight so check back later. Should be 183 when they are done.


Happy Thanksgiving From JDSMotorsports.com!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We hope everyone has a blessed day with their family and friends! Remember those you are thankful for! We are thankful for the chances to attend and enjoy as many shows as we do each year. In fact right now we are on the road to Daytona Beach, Florida for the Turkey Rod Run! Stay tuned for coverage! Enjoy your turkey!