NASCAR Picks: Daytona

Half way though the 2013 season!


Last week Kyle Busch had a solid run for me coming home 5th at Kentucky. Bringing my yearly average up ever so slightly to 12.23. To see all my picks from this year CLICK HERE.

This week I’m going with a proven winner at this track, especially in this race. Two time Pepsi, er uh, Coke 400 winner Tony Stewart. The weather is hot and its time to put up or shut up, I think Smoke will put up this Saturday night in Daytona.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports Picks

Last week my A driver Brad Keselowski put his car in the junkyard instead of victory lane. But I did salvage two top ten finishes with Kyle Busch and Martin Truex Jr. Austin Dillon also brought the #51 car home in 24th place giving me an overall just average week.

This week as I mentioned above Tony Stewart will be my A driver. On the B team I’ve got Kurt Busch and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Kurt is just a dose of good luck away from going to victory lane and any fantasy team owner who doesn’t have Dale Jr. on their team at the restrictor plate tracks is just crazy. On my C team I’m going with everyone’s favorite underdog winner David Ragan. On the bench I’ve got Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, and Danica Patrick.

Jacky Jones Dodge Blood Drive Show 6-29-13

As usual Ed Ashe and crew at Jacky Jones Dodge rolled out the red carpet for another show. Nice turnout on a hot Saturday afternoon!

For all the pictures CLICK HERE







Road Trip!: Concord, NC & Christmas For Kids @ Hendrick Motorsports

Finally getting the road trip blog up from our trip to Concord, NC and Hendrick Motorsports last weekend. Check it out!

Before any good road trip you have to prepare your ride. I had just a few minor things to do to my dad’s 2008 Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang before me and the wife headed out in it on Friday afternoon.

To start with I decided to finally swap out the red Southeastern Foxbodies windshield banner that I stuck on before Pinks All Out at Bristol in 2010 for a more matching white one.

After that it was time for a little detailing.

A quick hit of Croftgate Quick-N-Slick had the outside looking good. Gotta love that reflection!

Next it was time to try and make the engine bay somewhat presentable. I don’t think this thing has ever saw a spec of water or a rag under there. Of course it does only have 6,000 mile on it. So I took some Croftgate Multi-Clean and went to town spraying and wiping. In no time I had her as good as new!



After that it was off to the car wash for a quick vacuum.

Then it was off to Walmart to pick up some new tunes for the road!

We rolled out from my work in Clayton, Georgia about 3:30. I was a little low on gas but I figured I’d wait until I got into South Carolina to get any because it is always cheaper there. So we pulled into the Marathon in Long Creek, SC where it was 3.09 for regular. Of course I got premium but I didn’t really pay attention to how much it was.

After the fill up and some snacks for the road we were on our way!

Something cool I noticed in Seneca, SC sitting at a business, a foxbody Mustang running the Southeastern Foxbodies club stickers, I still have to get on the board and figure out who it was but its always cool to see a fellow club member out somewhere when you’re not expecting it!

Traffic was HORRIBLE, but that was to be expected for 5 p.m. downtown Greenville. And believe me we were DOWNTOWN, the navigation in the Shelby took us straight through down town.


Finally what should have been a 3 to 3 and a half hour trip took us just over 4 hours to complete but we finally made it and arrived at The Hilton in Concord, NC.

After settling into our room for a bit we headed across the street to the Texas Roadhouse for a little steak wash down.

The next morning we were up about 7 am to go meet the Southeastern Foxbodies Club at Bojangles to roll in together to Hendrick Motorsports. I was a bit surprised to see my the Shelby with a hard frost on the windshield. Of course since it sits in the garage most of its life I didn’t have any deicer in the tank or anything to scrape the windows with.

Finally got it scrapped off enough for the short drive to Bojangles.

I forgot to take any pictures at Bojangles but here is a couple of shots of us in line waiting to get in.

The show was awesome as usual, probably 500 or so cars there if I had to guess. CLICK HERE for the event coverage from the show.

After the show we headed over to Quaker Steak and Lube for lunch with my wife’s parents. Good food and a must stop for any car guys in the area.

After a quick stop at Bass Pro and the mall we said our good byes and were on our way home. We had a beautiful sunset at our face for most of the way, traffic wasn’t too bad, and with the Nationwide series race tuned in on the Sirius satellite radio it was a good ride.

One more quick stop for gas in Easly, SC and we were good to go the distance.

From start to finish the Shelby got 20.2 miles per gallon. Not bad for 500 horse power!

Overall we traveled 429 miles over two days. The Shelby performed great the whole way, in fact I had forgotten just how much fun this car was to just get out and drive in!

That is all for this road trip! Stay tuned for the next one coming soon!