Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2017 Auction Coverage: 1-21

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It’s Saturday, that means big money day at Barrett-Jackson! There certainly are some sweet ride scheduled to go across the block today, check out some of our favorites below!


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The ZR1 is the “King Of The Hill”, for years, THE Vette I always wanted. This particular ZR1 in Lot 7004.1 is the “Active Suspension” prototype, making it ultra rare out of the GM Heritage Collection.


Lot 1289.1, yeah, that’s a Pontiac Fuel Injected car, ultra rare! Ultra cool!


Lot 1456, the JFK Ambulance, always a car surrounded in a little bit of controversy. One things for sure, it always makes for good TV!


Lot 1390, better known as CERV 1. Developed by Zora Arkus-Duntov, one of the most innovative, important pieces of automotive history in American history. This car has a real chance at being top seller of the weekend in my opinion.


“Tanker” Corvette’s are cool, split window coupe’s are cool, Z06’s are cool, cars owned by famous people in the automotive world are cool. Well Lot 1363 has all of that and more! Check it out!


Honestly, there is just too many awesome cars to talk about today! Just get in front of the TV and watch all of Velocity’s coverage!! It’s gonna be epic! Top Ten Picks: Turkey Rod Run 2012

At first I was having some trouble finding ten cars that really jumped out at me at the 39th Annual Turkey Rod Run in Daytona Beach, FL but by Friday night at Belair Plaza I had more than enough. I actually ended up with about twenty cars that I had picked for the “top ten” but I narrowed it down to ten somehow! Enjoy!

I’m not really sure what this thing is, but it looks like it would be a ton of fun especially for cruising at the beach!

An Oakland, how rare are these things? I can’t remember the last time I saw one especially in running shape!

First off late model Hemi swaps are way under rated in my opinion. But what makes this one so cool is they did it in an odd car. You don’t see very many nicely modified early Barracuda convertibles let alone with a late model Hemi in them.


I’m not sure what exactly it was the caught my eye about this one, heck I’m not even sure what year it is? Early 1950’s though, I like the color, the straight six, love the four speed, its just a cool hot rod!

This thing was just too unique and different not to include. Its a Volkswagon Bug of some year made to look like a 1940 Ford and a woodie at that. Not really my cup of tea, but a nice ride regardless!

Here is a rare one for ya!!

This car could have easily went number two or number one on the list. This 1959 Chevy was a nice blend of original and modern. Notice the air ride controls sitting in the seat.

My late-uncle bought a very similar car to this brand new in 1966. In fact it is still sitting in our garage. Only his wasn’t a convertible and his was a 4-speed. But still the same color, 421 engine, etc. The 2+2’s are pretty rare cars. In all other years they were Catalina 2+2’s but in 1966 they were simply 2+2’s.

When I saw this Friday morning I knew it was going to be number one no matter what else I ran across. I am a HUGE 50’s chevy business coupe fan, we had a 1958 for years that we just sold last spring, you never see any, especially 58’s and 59’s. This one is a very rare example. Business coupe, big block, automatic, air conditioning, power steering, power windows, power seat, padded dash, power brakes. This would be one sweet ride!