Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2017 Auction Coverage: 1-17

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It’s auction time in Arizona! Today kicks off our annual coverage of Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale! Each day we will have cars to watch. We will also be providing live commentary each night on our Twitter account, you can follow us @jdsmotorsports !


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Here are our cars to watch for today!

(All Photos Credit

Lot 111, a 1991 Dodge Stealth. I’ve always liked these cars and their Mitsubishi cousin’s! They had a lot of problems back in the day, but still very cool cars!


Lot 214, BAN-ONE, need I say more?


Lot 204, they are only original once! Glad to see this 1940 Ford left that way, the patina on this thing is out of this world awesome!


Lot 235, The Skoal Bandit, maybe not as famous as its #33 cousin, but this car is still a cool piece. Top ten finish at Indy in 1995, driven by Rick Mast.

Lot 169 is a very clean, simple Corvette. In the world of big blocks and L88’s, and 427’s, and this and that, it’s just nice to see a simple, clean small block car!


Lot 172‘s color is what caught my eye most. Emberglo Orange, check it out!

Mecum Kissimmee 2017 Auction Coverage: Thursday 1-12

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Thursday! The big money cars are starting to roll across the block! Click the link below to see all of Thursday’s


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Lot T70.1 stands for LT1, the LT1 Corvette is one of the most awesome Vette’s ever created in my opinion. This on is a factory AC car, which was a one year only option making it among the most rare. This one will surly fetch big money!


Lot T79 should let all those guys with 454SS Chevy trucks stuck in their garage if their investment was worth while or not. With less than 5 miles, never dealer prepped, this has to be the nicest most collectible 454SS in the country.


Lot T155.1, the Pontiac Super Duty Trans Am, probably the strongest preforming mid 70’s muscle car of them all. These cars, like all Trans Am’s have really came on the money. My dad had almost this identical car but in a 1974 instead of 1973. Wish he would have kept it! This car is a survivor, be interesting to see how it stacks up against a fully restored car price wise!

Being a Challenger T/A owner myself, you know I couldn’t pass this one up. Lot T142 is a great example of a very nice T/A. Hope it brings some big money!

Gooding & Company The Scottsdale Auctions ’14: Cars To Watch

On January 17th and 18th of 2014 Gooding & Company will present “The Scottsdale Auctions”. Below we will take a look at a few cars to watch during the auction. If you would like more info on the auction or to view their website, click the link below!


Due to the way Gooding & Company sets up the their website, I can’t share the photos, but I will still highlight a few cars going across the block to watch. To visit the online catalog, click the link below!


Our first one to watch is Lot #12, its a 1952 Hudson Wasp. Fitted with the rare twin-h power carb setup this would be a unique piece for anyone’s collection!

How about Lot #42, a 1956 Mercedes-Benz Gullwing, instead of the popular silver, this one is black. But not only that, its in original survivor condition. Very cool car.

Want something cooler than your average ’32 or ’34 Ford Roadster? How about Lot # 113, a 1934 Dodge? Another survivor car with only 28,500 miles.

It wouldn’t be fair not to mention Lot #137, a 1997 McLaren F1 GTR. What could be the big seller of the week in Arizona, with an estimated value of $5,000,000 to $7,000,000 dollars.

Ebay Find Of The Week: 1955 Chevy Corvette

1955, the first year Corvette to ever roll off the assembly line with a V8 engine.

This is an nice original example of a 1955, its not very often you find time capsules like these. While the owner does want a hefty price for a car that needs a full restoration  with less than one thousand 55’s in existence  I’d imagine someone will step up and pay it.

CLICK HERE to see the ad.

$T2eC16dHJGwE9n)yUstuBRSI8Mv7s!~~_4 $T2eC16J,!ysE9sy0h(jtBRSJDi7ydw~~_4 $T2eC16JHJHEE9ny2p6RtBRSJDtiwK!~~_4 $T2eC16RHJGoE9nuQfSyeBRSI8UF-ow~~_4 $T2eC16VHJIYE9qUcNkeiBRSI8SORCQ~~_4 $T2eC16ZHJGQE9noMb,LuBRSJBmWKI!~~_4

Ebay Find Of The Week: 6956 Mile 1960 Chevrolet Corvette

A low mile, “survivor” Corvette is pretty rare, but one in this condition is unheard of! Check out this 1960 on Ebay this week. Its only got 6,956 miles and looks like it just rolled off the show room floor!









Here is the article from the ad.

1960 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible ShowCar

Roman Red Exterior w/Red Coves over Red Vinyl Interior



Not only is this Corvette a True Survivor, but also, probably one of the finest examples of a genuine all correct original valid classic. A true show class vehicle that is an Unrestored Original and all True to stock. Signed On the Gas Cap 3-Days Before He Died by ZORA DUNTOV the Original Designer of Corevtte’s & considered the “Father of Corvettes”. This vehicle is very authentic through and through with adequate documentation to attest to its extraordinary high appeal. Virtually as nice as when it was first assembled in 1960. This 1960 Corvette has many atttributes such as rear anti-sway bar, ornate styling based on previous themes, and a redesigned cockpit that were the more pronounced assests this classic Corvette portrayed so very well.

3-Speed Manual Transmission

283ci 8Cyl Engine w/230HPoriginal matching numbers to vehicle

Wonder Bar Radio


Red Coves

WindSheild Washer

Removeable Hardtop

Factory Original Paper Tags from Assembly

1. Air/NA
2.Brakes-Drum type (A1 RATED)
5.Exhaust-Dual Exhaust (A1 RATED)
6.Fenders-Straight and Solid (A1 RATED)
7.Lights-Functional (A1 RATED)

8.Paint-Unrestored original Pristine (A1 RATED)
9. Seats-Bucket Seating Vinyl (A1 RATED)

10.Tires-(ORIGINAL) Like New Wide White Walls
11.Upholstery-All Original (A1 RATED)
13.Body-Exceptionally Nice Condition (A1 RATED) Glass (A1 RATED) also carries with a low production number!

*Only ONE OWNER, Driven for 1-YEAR ONLY IN 1961!
Only 6,956 Miles!
Runs and Drives Like New!


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Mecum Kissimmee 2013: Saturday Cars To Watch

Everyone knows Saturday is the biggest day at any major auction. Mecum Kissimmee is no exception. I mean, I don’t even know where to start. This is such a stacked line up I should probably just post all the cars as ones to watch. But SOMEHOW I’m going to make myself only talk about ten cars. BUT I am going to simply post pictures of some more under “honorable mention”.


Okay, wait a minute, I mean have you looked at the cars at Mecum Kissimmee? Ten? No way. There is more than ten Corvette’s going across the block today that deserve mention. So lets do this, check out my Top Ten Corvettes for Saturday by CLICKING HERE. Even with the Vette’s out of the way it was really hard to pick a top ten. To give you an idea of just how many nice cars are here before I pick the top ten cars to watch for Saturday here is the “honorable mentions”.

Click on each thumbnail to make the picture larger

FL0113-146733_1 FL0113-146731_1 FL0113-146442_1 FL0113-143575_1 FL0113-145830_1 FL0113-145936_1 FL0113-143536_1 FL0113-143521_1 FL0113-143510_1 FL0113-143500_1 FL0113-143506_1 FL0113-143508_1 FL0113-143488_1 FL0113-143484_1 FL0113-143449_1 FL0113-143443_1 FL0113-143441_1 FL0113-143436_1 FL0113-143425_1 FL0113-143427_1 FL0113-143428_1 FL0113-143414_1 FL0113-143406_1 FL0113-143405_1 FL0113-143346_1

To see all of Saturday’s cars CLICK HERE

And now finally, my top ten cars to watch for Saturday.

Click the description under each car for more info.


1969 Chevrolet Camaro Resto-Mod

I have saw and photographed this car in person on several occasions. The attention to detail is out of this world, the flat black paint on top is sinister looking. Tied in with the black vinyl top this is just one good looking Camaro.


1967 Plymouth Hemi Belvedere Factory Race Car

Hemi, light weight, factory drag car. Need I say more?


1969 Chevrolet COPO Camaro

The “Blue Mule”.  A very nicely modified, highly optioned, COPO car.

cross ram

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 “Cross Ram”

Cross Ram cars bring a fortune, mix in the big brakes and this one should fetch well into the 100k range.


1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429

I’ve saw this one in person too, very nice low mile car. 8,064 miles to be exact.


1968 Ford Mustang Factory Lightweight

Our second lightweight car of the day. This one is of the Ford variety.


1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda 

Low miles, unrestored, excellent condition. This car should fetch a mint.


1970 Plymouth Superbird

One of two Superbirds to cross the block today. Four speed, six pack, national show winner. Very curious to see what this one goes for.


1966 Ford Mustang Shelby SCCA Race Car

1 of 16 made. With Carol Shelby’s name on it, this car should bring big money.


1963 Pontiac Tempest 421 Super Duty

1 of 6 produced. 421 Super Duty. Known as “World’s Fastest Tempest”.

(All Photo Credits:

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