Introducing Go Pro To Our Event Coverage

Last week I finally purchased a Go Pro. I settled on the Hero 3 white edition. Adding a Go Pro will greatly expand out event coverage by adding some interesting video elements to the mix. Below is a sample video that I put together to showcase some of the things the Go Pro can do! Check it out!


Top Ten Picks: Motorama Auto Auction


Our first top ten from an event of the new year! For those not familiar with it, we pick our top ten favorite cars from an event we were at the weekend before. This week its the Motorama Auto Auction in Fletcher, NC. If you missed the coverage from the event, CLICK HERE. If you saw the coverage but thought I shorted you on pictures, well I did. I forgot to post the link up to all the photo bucket album. So CLICK HERE for all the pictures!



10e 10a 10b 10c 10d


First foxbody love of the list. This one made it for two reason’s. Number one it sold at a steal at 3,000 dollars. And number two I think “Sir Camsalot” is a pretty cool name to have on your back glass!


9a 9b


These 3rd gen Camaro’s make one of the best big tire drag cars. 


8a 8b


I’m a sucker for BIG 66-68 Chevy’s with BIG block’s in them. Especially post cars!


7a 7b


You can’t recreate paint like this. You just gotta drag one outside and let her sit for about twenty years. This thing would be awesome with a diesel swap. 


6a 6b


Another clean little foxbody. 


5a 5b 5c


This 1993 Cobra only had 60k miles on it and was a very, very clean ride!


4a 4b


This was one cool rod. This model a had a ton of motor work done to it. Sounded like it would really move on down the road for what it is. 


3a 3b 3c


I’m also a sucker for old Highway Patrol cars especially North Carolina.


2a 2b 2c 2d 2e 2f


Classic styling, meets modern technology. This thing is clean and very well built. The owner said he had over 80k invested and I don’t doubt it one bit!


1a 1b 1c 1d 1e


Okay, I know what you are thinking, I’ve gone crazy. But I LOVE this car. For several reasons. One I’ve been a big fan of the Monte Carlo Aero Coupes for years and this is the sister car to it. Two the NASCAR history is cool. Three my uncle bought a 1966 Pontiac “2+2” new in 1966 so that adds major cool points. And four I was born in 1986 and I have a fetish for 1986 cars. So that is why this baby is number one!