Stewie Award Results VS My Picks

Okay the 6th Annual Stewie Awards are in the books. Last week I made a blog post sharing with you my picks which can be seen by CLICK HERE. Lets take a look and see how my picks matched up to the actual winners!

Best Original Drama

My Pick: Dale Jr. Sidelined Due To Concussion

Actual Winner: Brad Keselowski & Jimmie Johnson Championship Battle

Bonehead Move Of The Year

My Pick: Danica Patrick

Actual Winner: Danica Patrick

Feel’s Like The First Time

My Pick: Ryan Blaney

Actual Winner: Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Best Vocal Performance

My Pick: Brad Keselowski @ Pheonix

Actual Winner: Tony Stewart @ Talladega

Best Driver To Crew Chatter

My Pick: Brad Keselowski @ The Coca-Cola 600

Actual Winner: Carl Edwards April Fools Joke

Best Original Comedy

My Pick: Tony Stewart Vs Matt Kenseth

Actual Winner: Tony Stewart Vs Matt Kenseth

Hal Needham Award

My Pick: Tony Stewart Wrecks The Field At Talladega

Actual Winner: Juan Paublo Blows Up Jet Dryer

The Social Stewie

My Pick: Matt Kenseth to Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Actual Winner: Matt Kenseth to Dale Earnhardt Jr.

3 out of 8. Ouch. Good thing I didn’t bet! For the full event recap go to the Sirius XM website by CLICKING HERE

The 6th Annual Stewie Awards: My Votes

The 6th Annual Stewie Awards are coming up on November 29th at the Cabo Wabo Cantina at the Miracle Mile Shops on the Las Vegas Strip. Hosted by three-time Nascar Champion Tony Stewart and co-host Matt Yocum.

To vote on the awards yourself go to

Below are each award category and my pick for the winner.

Best Original Drama For the years most dramatic moment or sequence

My Choice:

“A win at the Quicken Loans 400 helped Dale Earnhardt Jr. make the Chase, but after an accident at Talladega concussions sideline him for two races and ended his shot at a title.”

I really didn’t have a clear winner on this one. The AJ Allmendinger story was big, but he’s has did his time so I didn’t feel like he should be brought back into the spotlight or given an award for drug use. The others were big but I still couldn’t name a clear cut winner in them. So I went with the one involving Nascar’s most popular driver. What bigger drama could there be than the driver that thousands of people are coming to the track to see not being able to race due to an injury?

Bonehead Move Of The Year ‘Nuff Said

My Choice:

“During the Hollywood Casino 400 Danica Patrick, in an attempt to spin Landon Cassill as payback for what she felt was overly aggressive driving, ends up putting herself into the wall.”

How could you not pick this one? Danica, in her best attempt at “Boys Have At It” made a fool of herself by spinning out herself and Landon Cassil out and ending both their days. I mean, I’ve never saw someone get so bent out of shape of 35th place before!

“Feels Like The First Time” Award For the most notable “First” of the Nascar season

My Choice:

“In only his third career NASCAR Camping World Truck Series start, 18-year old Ryan Blaney becomes the youngest winner in Truck Series history with a win in the American Ethanol 200 at Iowa.”

Blaney, a name known around the country in racing circles, especially on dirt. In my opinion Ryan Blaney may be the driver that solidifies that name’s spot in asphalt circles. Winning in only his third race he put himself on the map.

Best Vocal Performance (Sound clips can be heard at the link at the top of the page)

My Choice:

Brad Keselowski’s profanity laced rant after the Phoenix race. Fire, passion, non-politically correct, all things that make Brad, Brad. And all things that make him being the champion great for the sport!

Best Driver To Crew Chatter (Sound clips can be heard at the link at the top of the page)

My Choice:

“Brad Keselowski pleads with his team to relay a message to Tony Stewart during the Coca-Cola 600 in hopes of avoiding retaliation by Smoke.”

What? Tony Stewart wreck someone? Surely not!

“Best Original Comedy” For the years most entertaining “incident”

My Choice:

“During the IRWIN Tools Night Race Tony Stewart wrecks after making contact with Matt Kenseth. Before heading to the infield, Smoke gives Kenseth a parting gift, firing his helmet at Kenseth’s hood.”

Tony Stewart’s best effort to be Jimmy Spencer 2.0. How can you not vote for it? And it put Bristol back on the map and back into the hearts of fan’s!

Hal Needham Award (Best Stunt Sequence) For The Year’s Most Remarkable Crash

My Choice:

“On the final lap of the Good Sam Roadside Assistance 500, Tony Stewart and Michael Waltrip bump, sparking a massive crash that involved 25 cars and 10 of the 12 Chase drivers.”

I almost voted for Juan Pablo’s Jet Dryer Explosion but I changed my mind at the last minute. Not only did Tony Stewart’s bone head block wreck half the field, it also crushed a great would be cinderalla story because I’m 95% sure Micheal Waltrip would have won that race.

Boy’s Have At It Award

This award has been given to Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer and I can’t blame them! Good choice!

“The Social Stewie” For The Year’s Best Tweet

My Choice:

“@MattKenseth: “Talked to #DaleJr yesterday, told him I was glad he was coming back…being the most popular driver was really hard work. #imkidding” (10/23)”

Gotta love Matt’s sense of humor. If you think Matt is boring, just follow him on twitter!

All right that is it for my choices! Be sure and click the link below and vote yourself!