Mustang Week ’14: Foxbody Cruise

Always the highlight of Mustang Week, the annual Foxbody Cruise presented by Southeastern Foxbodies ( I haven’t gotten the official count yet, but it was right at 150 Foxbodies and probably a couple dozen other Mustangs. Video to come!

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2014 Event Calendar Is Up And Running!

Check it out! I’ve linked up with Southeastern Foxbodies to provide one complete event calendar for events around the south east! CLICK HERE to check it out!


Looking for ?

They’ve had a small address change! You can find the site at !!!!

2013 Ford Mustang Foxbody Calendar’s!!

Looking for a nice Mustang Calendar? Look no farther! Check out these sweet 2013 Southeastern Foxbodies Calendar’s! CLICK HERE to buy yours today!


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Save-A-Fox Donation Ready!’s donation to the Southeastern Foxbodies’ Save-A-Fox Project is all boxed up and ready to go! Sometime back we agreed to donate 200 dollars worth of Carquest merchandise(based on cost price) through my other business S&S Auto Parts of Clayton, Georgia. We received the list from the SAF Committee last week and got everything in just in time to personally deliver it to the SEFB Christmas Party this weekend.
We ended up providing the heater hoses, radiator hoses, distributor cap and rotor, a new starter, spark plugs, and the anti-freeze to the build. Everything all together added up to a retail $339.65. But don’t take it the wrong way, its not about the dollar amount or anything like that, we are just glad to help out an awesome cause! If your not familiar with Save-A-Fox be sure and check out the project online at!

Tons of SEFB Love In The Latest 5.0 Magazine

I think anyone who builds a car of any sort always dreams one day that it will be in a magazine, now I know this isn’t a full feature by any means, but representing Southeastern Foxbodies and Mustang Week in a magazine has to be the next best thing right? These aren’t the greatest pictures in the world but you get the picture! Check ’em out!

This is my claim to fame and my 79 Coupe, who knew my bad parking job would have made for sure a great shot!

Here is the rest of the Southeastern Foxbodies crew!