Mecum Kissimmee 2016: Gotta Haves Friday 1-15

Time to kick our Mecum coverage off! Later on in the week I’ll have ten cars per day, but to start with the number may be a few less!


Lot J47: 1957 Cadillac Series 75 Limo

This is the car Johnny Cash songs are made off, long and black! This thing is a beauty for sure!

Lot J51: 1969 Lincoln Continental

Keeping in the luxury line, I really like these big late 60’s Lincoln’s. In fact, this isn’t the only one you are going to see on this list.

Lot J146: 1951 Kaiser Deluxe Sedan

This one is going to make anyone take a double take on cruise night. At first, it looks like a shoebox Ford, but then at second glance, you realize it is something special.

Lot J179: 1967 Lincoln Continental

A little more flash than the last Lincoln, this would make an awesome cruiser!

Lot J228: 2002 Daves Custom Boat

Anyone that knows me knows I love speed boats. This thing is awesome, I’d love to cruise party cove in this baby next summer!

Introducing the Spotlight Series

We’ve played around with various video styles, you tube shows etc, but nothing ever really stuck. To give our video’s some sort of consistency, in 2015 we will be doing the Spotlight Series. There will be a new episode each week. They will consistent of photos and video of cars we have saw out at events, personal cars, friends cars, and event video’s.  There will be a new video each week once we get caught up, so 52 a year. As of this writing, the first five video’s are uploaded, you can see them all by CLICKING HERE.