Foxtoberfest 2015

Another Foxtoberfest is in the books! There were over 300 foxbodies in attendance!! Thanks to Matt & Jenn for Fox Mustang Resto for hosting the awesome event!

BE SURE and click the link below, there are OVER 700 photos from yesterday!!


I also have tons of video, I hope to have it uploaded by the end of week so be sure and check back!










Mustang Week Event Coverage 2015: SEFB.Net Foxbody Cruise

Another great year for the Southeastern Foxbodies Foxbody Cruise! They set a new record this year with 157 foxbodies and 11 non-foxes. This year they raised money for Make A Wish Foundation and were able to raise 900 dollars!

The Make A Wish child Caleb was also in attendance and was able to ride up front in the cruise!

CLICK HERE for all the photos