TMD “Fired Up Friday Response 12-28-2012

My reply to “Fired Up Friday” on the daily Sirius-XM satellite radio show The Morning Drive with Mike Bagley and Pete Pistone. Because of work I don’t have time to call in every week but I will respond on here! Comments to the blog are more than welcome!

Side Note: Actually this week the morning drive is with Nate Ryan and Dustin Long.


FUF #1: What will have the biggest impact in 2013 besides the new car?

The new qualifying rule. Not because its going to cause an A level driver or probably even a B level driver to go home, but because it does add a ton of excitement to the C level. And more importantly it has the potential to single handily mold the future landscape of the sport. Its effect on “start and park” teams, good or bad, will change the future teams coming into this sport. If it negatively effects the “start and park” guys then look for all new team growth to be killed for the most part. If it positively effects the “start and park” guys(which I don’t see it doing, the best we can hope for is a neutral effect) then we could see a growth in new teams.

FUF #2: What is one way NASCAR can improve viewership among the fans?

I don’t believe there is any one thing they can do that will make a night and day difference or that this is something that really needs a lot of time spent on it. Fans are watching the races on their phones, tablets and computers. Following the race on Twitter and Facebook  The way people watch and get their racing has changed, I don’t think bad ratings are an accurate reading of how many people are watching the race anymore. The racing is pretty good, the excitement is defiantly there. Shorting some of the 500 mile races up to 400 miles might help a little bit but its not the answer. I think the only thing that does is give more of a “big game” feel to the 500 mile races that are left. If anything a total revamp of the T.V. coverage would help more than anything because lets face it, its pretty stale. Fox is doing the same stuff it did when it came into the sport back in 2001.TNT’s coverage is unique but still not the greatest. Personally I like ESPN’s coverage the best but even its gotten dull over the years. Start with full time side by side coverage and go from there. Mix in plenty of social media aspects and really go after the younger crowd with your coverage. That, if anything will help the ratings.

FUF #3: What team or driver has to step it up the most heading into the 2013 season?

It has to be Chip Ganassi/Earnhardt/DEI whatever they are calling it now a days racing. McMurray has been hit or miss, more miss than hit lately. Ganassi has proven once he is not afraid to let McMurray walk away. Montoya is a big name but lets face it, if he doesn’t “get it” by now he’s probably not going to. But with Target reportedly firmly behind Montoya he may be secure for a year or two more. But McMurray is defiantly on the hot seat. There are WAY too many hot young drivers hunting for a Cup ride. If McMurray isn’t in the Chase this year I think he is looking for a 2014 ride.

TMD “Fired Up Friday” Response: 12-7-2012

My reply to “Fired Up Friday” on the daily Sirius-XM satellite radio show The Morning Drive with Mike Bagley and Pete Pistone. Because of work I don’t have time to call in every week but I will respond on here! Comments to the blog are more than welcome!

FUF #1: “Of the states that do not have a NCWTS, NNS, and NSCS race, which state should get one next?”

Washington state. There have been several rumored tracks but nothing ever seems to come to be. Maybe Evergreen Speedway could make a return to the NCWTS or NNS series in 2014?

FUF #2: “We are in a new era in @NASCAR, when do YOU think this began?”

I don’t think you can pin point any certain date or time when the new era started but it had to be some time between when Dale Sr. died and the introduction of the Chase. With the Chase brought the COT and safety innovations along with a wave of new super stars. It was a changing of the guard so to speak.

FUF #3: “@NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is considering a GIANT procedural change as it pertain to kickoffs. In your opinion, what is the biggest change in our sport in recent years?”

The first thought is the Chase, but I don’t think that is the biggest change. I think the biggest change is a combination of the “C.O.T.” and the soft walls. Look at how many violent or hard wrecks that we have saw since they both came out, wrecks that in the 90’s meant a trip to the hospital for sure or worse. They have no doubt lengthened the careers of many drivers and made the sport much safer. Whether they will admit it or not everyone likes a good wreck now and then but no one wants to see anyone get hurt, so in turn these improvements have made NASCAR more enjoyable to the fans.

TMD “Fired Up Friday” Response 11-30-12

My reply to “Fired Up Friday” on the daily Sirius-XM satellite radio show The Morning Drive with Mike Bagley and Pete Pistone. Because of work I don’t have time to call in every week but I will respond on here! Comments to the blog are more than welcome!

#1 ” What is the best event of Champions Week and why?”

By far Nascar After The Lap. Where else do you get to see the driver’s let their hair down so to speak? Well besides in Brad Keselowski’s 2013 Championship celebration…..
The Stewie Awards come in a close second but without Tony being on the air each week on Sirius XM they have lost some of there appeal and credibility. The rest of the Championship week festivities are just like going through the motions, does anyone even watch the awards ceremony?

#2 “What is your favorite new car design for 2013”?

Wow, this is a tough one. Honestly I can’t decide. They are all awesome. The Dodge sticks out in my mind I think because for one its the first one we saw. It has probably the most unique nose piece and that really stands out. I like the nose on the Toyota but it looses me with the flat side, same for the Ford. I really like the side body lines that Chevy and Dodge put into their cars. So since Dodge is gone I guess I would have to pick the Chevy SS.

#3 “Should the Most Popular Driver Award be matched with the results on the track?”

What? No! Why in the heck would you do that?? We have that award already, Brad Keselowski won it this year! It’s the Most Popular Driver Award, it has ZERO to do with performance, heck Danica Patrick won it in Nationwide for goodness sake! Base it of souvenir sales, base it off twitter mentions, base it off whatever you want the result is going to be the same. Are we really that bored two weeks into winter that this is an issue for people to complain about? Give me a break!

Feature Car: Bill Ritter’s 1932 Ford Coupe

With the ready availability of bodies and frames in this day and age 1932 and 34 Ford Coupes are almost as common of a site at car shows as the Tri-five Chevy’s and 1st Generation Camaros. But Bill Ritter’s 1932 Ford Coupe refuses to blend in with the crowd and is in fact about as far away from “common” as you can get!

At first glance the GM Sunset Orange Metallic paint brings your attention to the 32. But it’s the second glance that really catches your eye. Before this beauty left the Rebel Racing and Kustom Paint shops in Rabun Gap, Georgia shop owner Dennis Steppe added some fire to this baby that is sure to have most everyone drooling.

As I took picture after picture of the car it seemed that a new piece of fire came out with each shot depending on the angle of the sun. This thing is truly a work of art!

So now that all those shades of orange have your attention, lets talk a little bit about the 32. The body is one of Redneck Street Rods out of Lamar, MO. Its their standard roof height 32 body. The body sits on a Pete and Jakes 32 chassis. In front of the chassis sits a 383 cubic inch Smeding Performance engine topped with their Six Shooter setup. Pumping out 470 horse power and 480 foot pounds of torque. As you can see, even though this car has a lot of show, its all business when it come to the go! The power is sent out the back via Pheonix Transmission’s 700R4 and is put to the ground with a Ford 9 inch with a 4.10 gear.

The interior features ultra leather and suede wrapped by the late Fred Lane of Frankin, NC. Both consoles, solid walnut armrest and panels were made in house at Rebel Racing & Kustom Paint. The interior is kept cool with an ac unit from Hotrod Air.

The interior is where the custom aspects and attention to detail really take off in this car. The custom consoles and wood work are just the beginning. Mounted in the over head console is the display screen for the back up camera, no rear view mirror needed here! Beneath the seats you will find my favorite feature of the car, a hidden drawer that slides out to hide valuables or maybe a concealed weapon for those long road trips.

The custom touches carry around from the inside back into the trunk. Behind a hidden panel is the amp for the stereo system along with very crowd pleasing “medical cabinet”. I think I’ll let the picture explain itself!

The hidden panel also serves as a great place to mount the various dash plaques given out at the larger shows around the country. As you can see in the second shot below, this car is driven, piling up over 3,000 miles since the car was finished, this isn’t a trailer queen although one could easily be fooled by looking at it!

From one end to the other this 1932 Ford is certainly a work of art! We hope you’ve enjoyed this JDSMotorsports Feature Car!

Special thanks to Bill Ritter for letting us shoot his car along with Dennis Steppe @ Rebel Racing & Kustom Paint. Be sure and check Dennis out online at

For all of the pictures from the photo shoot or high resolution copies visit our smug mug album by CLICKING HERE