Mustang Week ’14: Monday Morning Update 7-14

Good morning from Myrtle Beach! Its a long time between now and the unofficial pre meet at Hardrock tonight so I figured I’d throw a few parking lot photos up! I say it every year, but I’ve never saw THIS many Mustangs this early in the week.


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Hot Rod Power Tour 14′ Friday Parking Lot Action

They say the best part of the Hot Rod Power Tour is hanging out in the parking lots, after just one night, I understand.


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Parking Lot Patron’s: NCRS Winter Kissimmee Meet

This is our first installment of a new feature on called “Parking Lot Patron’s”. This is basically a look around what is in the motel parking lot during the weekend at shows, a more intimate look, so to speak!



Our first installment is from Kissimmee, Florida at the NCRS meet! Enjoy!


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Turkey Rod Run 2013: Thursday Night Bellair Plaza

We are live in Daytona Beach, Florida for the 40th Anniversary of The Turkey Rod Run! Check out tonight’s shots from Bellair Plaza! We also took a ton of video and Go Pro footage to be processed when we get back home! Be sure and stay tuned, coverage from the track coming tomorrow!

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