Lights Out 6 Friday Event Coverage

Just got back from Lights Out 6 in Adel, Georgia, THE baddest drag radial race in the country. Check out our photos! Video coming soon!


CLICK HERE for all the photos.



#LIGHTSOUT5 Coverage

We are in South Georgia for the big race at SGMP! A little wet right now but it should clear out after lunch, stay tuned for tons of photos and video coming soon!


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“Kurt Busch The Outlaw”: Commentary

First off let me say thank you to Speed for running this one hour special! If you missed it, you’ve got to watch it. It really gives you a different feel of Kurt Busch and it gives a more truthful feel on many of his bad moments over his career. I’m not going to get into a big column about it because it would just turn into a rant but I will make a few comments.

Number one Kurt Busch puts his shoes and pants on just like us! Who would have thought it! I’ve often thought the media was extremely unfair on the way portray Kurt but this makes it very obvious. In the Jerry Punch incident Kurt was actually yelling at the camera man not Jerry Punch, a camera man who had his camera in Kurt’s face long before it was time to record, makes sense now doesn’t it? We always knew Arizona’s resident whacko Sheriff was off his rocker, no big surprise there. No one mentioned that Ryan Newman’s crew taunted Kurt Busch with his girl friends name. What red blooded male wouldn’t have protected his lady’s honor?

A couple of other interesting thoughts, Kurt said that James Finch turned down a lot of smaller sponsors, waiting on the big fish to come along, but in turn made him continue to look “unsponsorable” when in fact he had people wanting to come on board.

Also Kurt’s girl friend mentions that all the trauma driver’s suffer to the front of there brain from wrecks may be the cause for the way the react sometimes do to brain damage. Something we have been hearing a lot about in the NFL and a little about in Nascar with Dale Jr’s recent concussion, I wonder if it will start to come up even more now after this?

Again, if you missed it tonight, you have to see it! I’ve been a long time supporter of Kurt but this one hour documentary just proves even more that the media has had and probably always will have it out for Kurt Busch.