NMRA Open Comp Round 1 Eliminations Atlanta 2016

Round 1 Eliminations for NMRA Open Comp at the NMRA/NMCA All Star Nationals at Atlanta Dragway.




If you missed all of our coverage from Atlanta, CLICK the link below!


The 50th Mustang Anniversary: Recap

There’s been a ton of photos and video’s from The 50th Mustang Anniversary in Charlotte, NC posted on the site over the past four days and I wanted to take this chance to recap it all and share some new edited photos.

For all of Thursday’s photos, CLICK HERE


For all of Friday’s photos, CLICK HERE


The 50th Video

The 2015 Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition

The 2015 Ford Mustang GT in black

Thursday’s Pic-Ta-Show

Friday’s Pic-Ta-Show

Open Track Video

The Lucky 13

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November Show Schedule

November 8th and 9th: Cherokee Rodders Cruise The Smokies Fall Rod Run


November 9th Teresa Smallwood Memorial Car Show Franklin, NC


November 9th Mason’s Hot Rods Open House Spartanburg, SC

Always a great turnout of really cool street rods and everything else under the sun, this is a must attend if you are in the area!


November 16th Smokey Mountain Chevrolet Toys For Tots Show

Always a big local show, this event usually brings out 100+ cars each year at Smokey Mountain Chevrolet in Franklin, NC


November 23rd Christmas For Kids Car & Truck Show

Always a highlight on the schedule, held at Hendrick Motorsports in Concord, NC, this show is a real treat! Visit http://www.carolinacamaroassociation.com/ for more information.


November 28th-30th: Turkey Rod Run Daytona Beach, FL

We will be making our yearly trip to Daytona as usual over Thanksgiving for the 40th Annual Turkey Rod Run in Daytona Beach, FL.

Looking for a used Midget Race Car?

Well your in luck the Mecum Monterey Auction has plenty to choose from! Check them out below! For more information visit Mecum online by CLICKING HERE

1929-Henderson-Midget 1939-Smith-Jiggler-Midget 1939-Vukovich-Big-Car 1940-Offenhauser-220-Big-Car 1946-Kurtis-Kraft-Offy-Midget 1946-Solar-Midget 1947--Midget 1949-Studebaker-Midget 1950-Kurtis-Kraft-Quarter-Midget 1951-Hillegass-Bardahl-Special 1956-Hillegass-Sprint 1962-Hillegass-Sprint 1962-Homebuilt-Quarter-Midget 1964-Trevis-Offy-Midget-Roadster 1987-Canaday-Brothers-Volkswagen-Midget 2006-Rassey-Rocket-Quarter-Midget (1) 2006-Rassey-Rocket-Quarter-Midget Crosley-Three-Quarter-Midget Edmunds-Chevy-II-Midget Elto-Outboard-Midget Haller-Special-Big-Car Homebuilt-Indian-Midget Homebuilt-V-8-60-Midget Willys-Midget




We also featured some NASCAR and Lemans race cars today, CLICK HERE if you missed that post!