2015 Hot Rod Power Tour Dates & Locations Announced!!!

Its official!!!



What are the HOT ROD Power Tour dates and cities for 2015?
June 6 – Alliant Energy Center, Madison, Wisconsin
June 7 – Parkland College, Champaign, Illinois
June 8 – Gateway Motorsports Park, Madison, Illinois (St. Louis)
June 9 – Memphis International Raceway, Memphis, Tennessee
June 10 – Hoover Metropolitan Stadium, Hoover / Birmingham, Alabama
June 11 – TBD
June 12 – Lamar Dixon Expo Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
June 13 – Lamar Dixon Expo Center – LONG HAULERS ONLY*
*Saturday, June 13th, is not open to the general public. The venue will only open for the Hot Rod Power Tour Long Hauler ceremony.

Museum of Transportation St. Louis, MO

Another one for the archives. Back in the fall of 2011 I had a chance to visit the Museum of Transportation just west of St. Louis, MO while on my honey moon. The museum offers a very wide variety of automobiles and automotive displays as well as a large number of trains and planes. It was raining the day we were there so we didn’t get to really take in the outside displays but it was still well worth the short drive.