Mecum Kissimmee 2017 Auction Coverage: Sunday 1-8

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Day three at Mecum! Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Let’s take a look at the hot ticket items going across the block today!


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Sadly in the collector car world “Hemi” just doesn’t do what it used to, but when you ad convertible to it, it still rings the bell! The GTX convertible is one of the rarest of them all! Lot L77 is 1 of 11!



Lot 82.1 not only carries three legendary drivers signature, but one of them on the door as well. Signed by Shelby, Unser, and Bondurant. This Bob Bondurant racing Mustang is a cool piece of history for anyone’s collection!

I love a Superbird, but the white on Lot L84 may be the classiest color of them all.

Lot 79.1, better known as King Of The Hill, the ZR1. This low mile example should really ring the bell!

Lot L40 brings us the first Foxbody Mustang of the auction. This is an SSP car, meaning basically it was a cop car. This particular one was a Florida Highway Patrol Car. These cars have been doing really good at auctions as of late, it will be interesting to see what trend this one sets for the year.




Cabin Fever Car Show 2016: Knoxville, TN

A new year and a new car show season! We kick off our year with the annual Cabin Fever Car Show in Knoxville, TN. As usual, the cars were packed in the expo center along with a nice little swap meet to look at. Check it out!!


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Cabin Fever Car Show 2015 Knoxville, TN

Check out our event coverage from the annual Cabin Fever indoor car show in Knoxville, TN. This event continues to grow bigger and bigger every year, in fact this year it was hard to walk in there! So please pardon a couple of fuzzy shots or an extra arm or two, I had to do the best I could in some cases!

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30th Annual Cabin Fever Car Show Knoxville 2014

After World Of Wheels Friday night(CLICK HERE if you missed that coverage) we headed across state to Knoxville, TN for the 30th Annual Cabin Fever Car Show. This has to be one of the most impressive shows around, in fact, its honestly out grown its current location. As you can tell by the pictures, the cars are packed in the expo center. Heck there is hardly room to walk for all the people! So some of the shots are at angles or may have a stray arm or head in them, its one of the most frustrating events to shoot! But well worth the visit!


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Thursday’s Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Top 10 Cars To Watch

Thursday at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2013! Here’s what we’ve got our eye on today! Be sure to tune into Speed for all the action!


1958 Pontiac Bonneville
Lot Number 753

I’ve always loved the unique styling of the 50’s Pontiac’s, Buick’s, and Oldsmobile’s. From the door up you think 58 Chevy, but at second glance you know its something a little more special.

1959 Ford F100 “Shelby Farms” Truck
Lot Number 639

Usually when you here the word Shelby at Barrett-Jackson dollar signs quickly follow. But this might be a rare chance to buy a Shelby at Barrett-Jackson without getting into the 50k plus range. Very interested to see where this truck goes money wise. Big money or not, its one cool looking truck!

1939 Pontiac Sedan Patrol Car
Lot Number 850

Old Highway Patrol cars are cool, especially one this old!

1973 Plymouth ‘Cuda
Lot Number 824

E-body Mopar’s have a special place in my heart. This 73 is an awesome example of one, this thing is built to drive. Being a 73 you could have a lot of fun in it and not worry about messing up the value of the more collectible 70-71 cars.

2008 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 KR
Lot Number 754

I’m curious to see what kind of money this car brings it respect to Mr. Shelby no longer being with us, but with this car being a later Shelby offering as apposed to some of the earlier Shelby’s.

1973 Chevrolet Corvette
Lot Number 776

This would be an awesome car to have. C3 styling, C5 power. Restomod’s are hot especially in the Vette world. But I’m curious how this being one of the less popular years in a ’73 does going across the block.

1932 Ford Model A Truck
Lot Number 758

I am in love with this truck. Classic look, but with some classic hot rodding touches. A 406 Buick Nailhead with blower, this thing is just too cool.

1956 GMC Suburban Pick Up
Lot Number 756

We talked about this brother to this truck, the Cameo earlier in the week but now we are gonna talk about the rare one of the two siblings, the GMC Suburban Pick Up. 1 of 250 built in 1956. This one is sure to bring a nice price tag.

1964 Chevrolet Biscayne
Lot Number 755

She’s real fine my 409! Radio delete, 4:11 posi, 4-speed, this one was ordered to run!

1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cale Yarborough NASCAR Race Car
Lot Number 707

Cale Yarborough, Banjo Matthews, Junior Johnson, this is every NASCAR collectors dream! This car has a lot of neat history behind it, its is a museum piece for sure!

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Top Ten Picks: Motorama Auto Auction


Our first top ten from an event of the new year! For those not familiar with it, we pick our top ten favorite cars from an event we were at the weekend before. This week its the Motorama Auto Auction in Fletcher, NC. If you missed the coverage from the event, CLICK HERE. If you saw the coverage but thought I shorted you on pictures, well I did. I forgot to post the link up to all the photo bucket album. So CLICK HERE for all the pictures!



10e 10a 10b 10c 10d


First foxbody love of the list. This one made it for two reason’s. Number one it sold at a steal at 3,000 dollars. And number two I think “Sir Camsalot” is a pretty cool name to have on your back glass!


9a 9b


These 3rd gen Camaro’s make one of the best big tire drag cars. 


8a 8b


I’m a sucker for BIG 66-68 Chevy’s with BIG block’s in them. Especially post cars!


7a 7b


You can’t recreate paint like this. You just gotta drag one outside and let her sit for about twenty years. This thing would be awesome with a diesel swap. 


6a 6b


Another clean little foxbody. 


5a 5b 5c


This 1993 Cobra only had 60k miles on it and was a very, very clean ride!


4a 4b


This was one cool rod. This model a had a ton of motor work done to it. Sounded like it would really move on down the road for what it is. 


3a 3b 3c


I’m also a sucker for old Highway Patrol cars especially North Carolina.


2a 2b 2c 2d 2e 2f


Classic styling, meets modern technology. This thing is clean and very well built. The owner said he had over 80k invested and I don’t doubt it one bit!


1a 1b 1c 1d 1e


Okay, I know what you are thinking, I’ve gone crazy. But I LOVE this car. For several reasons. One I’ve been a big fan of the Monte Carlo Aero Coupes for years and this is the sister car to it. Two the NASCAR history is cool. Three my uncle bought a 1966 Pontiac “2+2” new in 1966 so that adds major cool points. And four I was born in 1986 and I have a fetish for 1986 cars. So that is why this baby is number one!