Looking For The Hagerty Fantasy Bid? Info In Here!

It’s actually the Auction Insider game this year. For some reason, a link is hard to find on Barrett-Jackson’s main site, but here it is below! Starts today!



Nascar The Game Inside Line First Impressions

I wanted to throw out a quick review of the new Nascar video game, Nascar The Game “Inside The Line”. This is the second game for this brand since Nascar and EA Sports split ties a few years back. While the first game, simply titled Nascar The Game was a huge let down this one seems to be a lot better although it does have some of the same aggravating things that the other one had. I will do a full review after I get to spend some more time with the game but for now I just want to touch on a few quick things for those of you thinking about buying the game this weekend.

The Good

No made up cars or drivers, No Nationwide drivers

To the casual fan this might not be that big of a deal, but to me there is nothing worse than have the field being Nationwide drivers, or having two #30 cars or three #7 cars. What’s even worse is you start your season off and Clim Cladiddlehopper wins the Daytona 500 in the #127 car. MUCH IMPROVED over last year, 43 real life drivers and cars!

Race Day Weekends

No matter what else goes wrong in the game I’m still happy with it, it has the Gatorade duels!! The weekends are very specific, you have multiple practices, happy hour, etc. MUCH IMPROVED!


While we are on the subject of practice…You can view the times and info on each run, compare them, etc. to see if the changes you are making are actually helping.

Career Mode

I really like the changes in career mode, you start out in a crappy car, I’m playing on hard level and right now its all I can do to keep up. But as I got along and get more sponsors I can upgrade my car with different engines, chassis’, etc. Very cool, very realistic. There was nothing worse than last years game where in my rookie year I won like 15 races. This gives the game a nice life too it and something to work up towards. I feel like a rookie working my way up.
For example, in the Daytona 500, I qualified on the pole, as long as I was in the draft I was okay, but the minute I had to crack the throttle for anything I got freight trained. Once I got my car wound back up I could do okay, but I just didn’t have the horsepower to really compete.

The Bad

Crashes Suck
They use the same pinball crash system they used in last years. One car spins and the whole field crashes behind them. Although IN SOME CASES it is improved, it still lacks a lot! What is even worse is the instant replay of the crashes when the caution flag comes out. Alot of times it doesn’t even show the wreck!

Unrealistic Engine Temps?
I’m not sure if it was a one case scenario, but I ran my car 100% taped up at Daytona with zero over heating issues? Should have been able to make it three or four laps at most?

Laps Left On Fuel Gauge
What fun is fuel strategy when you know exactly how many laps you have left on fuel?

Again these are just a few quick things I have noticed, overall the game is worth buying and is defiantly improved over last years. Although there are still plenty of screw ups that will leave you scratching your head as to why?

Full review coming soon!