Mecum Kissimmiee 2015 Auction

Across the country from Scottsdale, Arizona as Barrett-Jackson comes to a close, the Mecum Kissimmee Auction is just getting kicked off today. While we won’t be doing a day by day look at the auction, we do want to share some important information on the auction for our readers.


Below you will find the car docket for each day.












Below is the TV Schedule.

2014 Event Calendar Is Up And Running!

Check it out! I’ve linked up with Southeastern Foxbodies to provide one complete event calendar for events around the south east! CLICK HERE to check it out!


Dave Rupp’s Ft. Lauderdale Collector Car Auction: Cars To Watch



Coming up this weekend in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is the annual collector car auction presented by Dave Rupp. This auction kicks off the 2014 season in the car world and kicks off our coverage on  Check out or cars to watch for this auction!

Lot 943: Kaiser Darrin Roadster

What a cool looking car. I’m not sure what its worth but its got to be pretty rare!

Lot 959: 1934 Ford Roadster

No fiberglass here, this is the real deal, and a low mileage survivor at that!

Lot 1032: 1969 Chevy C10

Interested in watching this one because we used to own it. First class truck all the way. Very unique with the six cylinder in it.

Lot 1079: 1965 Ford Ranchero

This is a buddy of mine’s truck so of course I’ll be watching it go across to see what it brings.

Lot 1095: 1973 Volkswagon Thing

Same buddy with the truck. This is one nice Thing!

Lot 1214: 1935 Ford Roadster

What a beautiful car, a little different being that its not a more popular year like a ’32, ’34’, ’37, or ’40. But I really like it!

Lot 1302: 1948 Ford F1

Anyone who has followed our picks before knows I love me some early F1!

Lot 1314: 1954 Chevrolet Corvette

Black is a rare color on an early Vette, this add doesn’t say for sure if its the original color or not, but either way its a good looking car!

To see all of the cars going across the blocks, CLICK HERE


All photos credit is in no way affiliated with Dave Rupp Auction’s and any opinions expressed here are those of only.

Turkey Rod Run 2013: Friday Night @ Bellair Plaza

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Turkey Rod Run 2013: Thursday Night Bellair Plaza

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