NHRA makes competion changes for 2013 Mello Yellow Drag Racing Series

NHRA made some changes for the Mello Yellow Championship Drag Racing Series which should be positive


Each team will receive one credit (free pass) during the regular season and the Top Ten in the Countdown to the Championship. After they use up the one free pass if the oildown happens during qualifying they will have a fine plus lose 5 points for the 1st oildown, 10 points if another occurs in the same event. If it happens during eliminations, they lose 10 points for the 1st, 20 for each additional oildown. The big change is for the top ten teams in the Countdown is that they will not be docked any points but will still have to pay the fines. This is a big change for those teams running for a championship as the NHRA doesn’t want the oildowns to have an adverse affect on it. Below is a link to the full rules on oildown penalties for 2013.



Since 2009 teams in the Top Fuel and Funny Car classes were limited to six test days during the season, for 2013 that has been been lifted. It seems the team owners asked the NHRA for this over the offseason, and the NHRA has granted their request. With a few new teams or teams that have made changes this should benefit them.

Let’s hope these changes make 2013 a year to remember!

Soon to be the Fastest Force- Brittany Force to join John Force Racing in 2013

(Photo credit Phil Burgess via Twitter) https://twitter.com/nhraphil/status/289482961164857344/photo/1

I know I am late to share this, but on January 10,2013 John Force Racing announced that John’s daughter Brittany Force would be driving for JFR, but not a Mustang Funny Car, but a Top Fuel dragster sponsored by Castrol Edge. The dragster will be tuned by crew chief Dean “Guido” Antonelli and assistant cew chief Eric Lane. Since Brittany is running Top Fuel that means she by default will become the fastest of the Force family as the average time for a dragster is in the 3.70’s to 3.80’s where as the funny cars are in the low 4.00’s with just Matt Hagan reaching 3.99’s. I wonder if this means John will make a pass or two in a dragster just to keep pace!

Speaking of John, since Guido is moving over to Brittany’s dragster, that leaves a hole to fill as in crew chief for John’s car. Mike Neff will park his Mustang Funny Car and tune John’s Mustang. That has to be a relief of some sort as Mike was driving and tuning his own Mustang the last couple of years. I look for John to be back in the thick of the championship hunt as DSR winning the title and taking 2nd in points has to leave a big thorn in his side.As far as I see Robert and Courtney’s cars and crew remain the same as last year.

With Brittany running Top Fuel it means JFR will be a threat to bring home two Wally’s for each event instead of one. 2013 looks to be an interesting year in NHRA Mello Yellow Championship Drag Racing!

The Top Fuel Experience video by Corey Michalek


I am a racing nut, especially drag racing. Top Fuel is the most exciting, loudest, fastest motorsports racing there is on the planet. To me there is nothing like watching it in person, but this brings you as close to the action as possible without you actually being there. To me this is IMAX worthy!!!!

This video was put together by Corey Michalek, a pitcrew member for Pat Dakin’s Commercial Metal Fabricators Top Fuel team. Corey has spent over two years to shoot what goes on behind the scenes from prepping the car, taking the car to the starting line and a complete run from various angles and perspectives. It’s pretty neat to see all the different views of the warming up the clutch, what happens on the starting line and finally the run. All you need to make it complete is Smello-Vision to add the smell of Nitro and burning rubber!

Corey has more videos on his Vimeo page http://vimeo.com/coreymichalek and you can check out the Michalek Brothers Racing website at http://www.michalekbrothersracing.com  and I look forward to seeing what else Corey and his brother Kyle accomplish in drag racing!