The 50th Mustang Anniversary: Recap

There’s been a ton of photos and video’s from The 50th Mustang Anniversary in Charlotte, NC posted on the site over the past four days and I wanted to take this chance to recap it all and share some new edited photos.

For all of Thursday’s photos, CLICK HERE


For all of Friday’s photos, CLICK HERE


The 50th Video

The 2015 Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition

The 2015 Ford Mustang GT in black

Thursday’s Pic-Ta-Show

Friday’s Pic-Ta-Show

Open Track Video

The Lucky 13

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New 2015 Ford Mustang Debuts!

Finally the debut of the 2015 Ford Mustang!


Check out this video from Motor Trend.

Click here to see the photos on Ford’s website!


Here is the introduction video from Ford.

Photos from CJ Pony Parts


2014 Chevrolet Camaro Photos

Check these out! Just saw them on Facebook on Flowmasters page. It was debuted on Live with Kelly and Micheal. Photos are curtsy of

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Personally I’m not a big fan, the majority of the body looks unchanged, the grille just looks bunched up to me. But of course, I was never a big fan of the old body style either.

Chevrolet Releases Photos Of The Stingray Convertible

While the official debut of the car isn’t until tomorrow at the Geneva Motor Show General Motors has leaked a couple of teaser shots to the public of the convertible version of the new C7 Corvette Stingray.


1362387555506 1362387560763


(Photos Credit: GM Media)

Personally I’m not a big fan of the convertible version, the styling just doesn’t flow as well with it and it reminds me too much of the Saturn Sky of  a few years back.

Chevrolet Debuts New SS at Daytona International Speedway

The long awaited debut of the 2014 Chevrolet SS finally happened at Budweiser Speedweeks at Daytona International Speedway today in Daytona Beach, Florida. The race version debuted a few months back and will make its on track debut tonight in the Sprint Unlimited. This is the first rear wheel drive V8 Chevy in 17 years. Here are a few pictures below.


2014 Chevrolet SS 2014 Chevrolet SS 2014 Chevrolet SS 575x459 (4) 2014_Chevrolet_SS_Interior03.jpg 2014_Chevrolet_SS_Interior15.jpg 2014 Chevrolet SS


(Photo’s Credit: Chevrolet)