HRPT 2017 Video: Day 3 Davenport

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If you missed the day two video, it’s at the link below!

HRPT Day 3: Davenport

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Watching the cars roll in from the shade!

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Mecum Auctions: Gone Farmin’ 3rd Annual Spring Auction

Something a little different from the norm around here, I thought I’d share some pictures and items that will be up for sell at Mecum’s 3rd Annual Spring Auction, “Gone Farmin'” in Davenport, Iowa this weekend.  To see all the tractor’s for sell, CLICK HERE. Now I’ll admit, I don’t know much about tractors, but these are the ones that caught my eye as cool looking!

GF0413-150192_1 GF0413-150194_1 GF0413-150199_1 GF0413-150202_1 GF0413-150216_1 GF0413-150258_1 GF0413-150358_1 GF0413-150363_1 GF0413-150365_1 GF0413-150366_1 GF0413-150375_1 GF0413-150380_1 GF0413-150388_1 GF0413-150426_1 GF0413-155834_1 GF0413-156934_1 GF0413-156972_1 GF0413-156992_1 GF0413-156994_1 GF0413-157100_1


As usual, Mecum has its fair share of memorabilia as well, check these cool pieces of art out!

GF0413-155447_1 GF0413-155448_1 GF0413-155457_1 GF0413-155477_1 GF0413-155485_1 GF0413-155498_1 GF0413-155527_1


To see all the memorabilia, CLICK HERE

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