Daytona 500 Picks

It’s almost race season! Time for our weekly picks again. I will be picking drivers for Yahoo Fantasy NASCAR each week as well as an overall race winner.


This week I’m going with Tony Stewart to win the 500. He’s long over due and even though he hasn’t showed much in qualifying or practice, he seems confident with his race car. He’s fresh, recharged, and ready to go, I think this is Tony’s year.

Yahoo Fantasy Picks

My A team starter will be Kevin Harvick. He’s proven he can get around Daytona and will be looking to get off to a strong start of SHR. On my B team I’m going with Ryan Newman and as mentioned above, Tony Stewart. Newman is going to have a very fast car at RCR and I think he has the best chance on that team to put it in victory lane. On my C team, I’m going with Austin Dillon. There is a lot of pressure on Austin, but I think he is up to the challenge, in fact, I ALMOST picked him to win the race.

I’m not going to bother sharing my bench this week since no qualifying points are given for the 500, its not really important.

NASCAR Picks: Kentucky


Kurt Busch’s 4th place finish last weekend at Sonoma brings my overall average back to 12.69. This week at Kentucky I’m going with Kyle Busch. He’s running all three races and anytime he gets a lot of seat time I feel like he is always a threat to win. To see all my picks and averages for the year CLICK HERE


Yahoo Fantasy Sports Picks

Despite Danica Patrick proving once again that you can’t pick her my team did pretty well. A 5th for Clint Bowyer, 4th for Kurt Busch, and 7th for Marcos Ambrose gave me a solid week overall.

This week on my A team I’m going with Brad Keselowski. He’s a former Kentucky winner and is due for a good run. He like Kyle Busch is running all three races and I think that gives him an advantage come Saturday night. On my b team as I mentioned above I’ve got Kyle Busch and Martin Truex Jr. Kentucky has been a good track for Truex and he has all the momentum in the world after last weeks win. For my C driver I’m going with Austin Dillon.


NASCAR Picks: Sonoma

Time for a little road course racing!



Well my pick last week in Dale Jr. sure did go up in smoke didn’t it? His 37th place finish dropped my average finish to 13.27 for the year. To see all of my picks for 2013 CLICK HERE.

This week at Sonoma I’m going with Kurt Busch. He almost won last year in James Finch’s #51, I think in a little better equipment he can pull it off this weekend!

Yahoo Fantasy Racing Picks

Last week I had mixed results but still salvaged a decent points total. My a driver Denny Hamlin finished 30th, my B driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. finished 37th.  I did however have the winner on my B team in Greg Biffle. Along with Trevor Bayne who finished 15th.

This week in Sonoma I feel really good about my picks but a road course is kind of like a short track or a restrictor plate track, anything can and will happen.

On my A team I’m going with Clint Bowyer. Defending race winner, I figure he is a lock for a top ten. On my B team I’m going with Kurt Busch and Marcos Ambrose. Again two locks for the top ten. On my C team I went back and fourth all week between Danica Patrick and Jaques Villeneuve but I finally decided on Danica. She is a good road racer and should be good for a solid top 20 finish this week. On my bench I’ve got Jeff Gordon, Juan Pablo Montoya, Kyle Busch, and Jaques Villeneuve all of which I feel are a threat for the pole or at least some bonus qualifying points.


NASCAR Picks: Dover


Well my sure fire pick last week of Jimmy Johnson back fired and knocked me down out of my almost Top 10 average down to 11.92. To see all my picks and averages for the season, CLICK HERE

This week I’m going with a bit of a dark horse, the man who swept both Nationwide races last year at Dover, I’m going with Joey Logano.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports Picks

It’s down to the wire for the spring segment! While I didn’t do as well as I had hoped last week at Charlotte, with Jimmy Johnson finishing 22nd, Jamie McMurray finishing 19th, and Casey Mears finishing 23rd. Kurt Busch’ 3rd place run was my only saving grace. I did end up moving up to 2nd place in my small league, just 131 points out of 1st. While I’d love to pull of the spring segment win, I’ll be happy with second because I’m more worried about the overall win.

This week for my A driver I’m once again going with Jimmie Johnson, on my B team is my race winning pick of Joey Logano and Kyle Busch. On my C team I’m giving the start to Rickey Stenhouse Jr.  On the bench I’ve got Matt Kenseth, Kurt Busch, Ryan Newman, and Danica Patrick.

NASCAR Picks: Charlotte

All right after a week off for the all star race we are back at it again! But first before we get started I wanted to make mention of Dick Trickle. Last week the sport lost one of its legends and one of the greatest short track drivers of all time. We made a short comment with some pictures about it last week, if you missed it, CLICK HERE.


While Jimmie Johnson didn’t bring home the win for me at Darlington he did get me a solid top five finishing in 4th place. Bringing my average up to 10.54. We are getting there! To see all of my picks and averages for the year CLICK HERE.

This week I’m going with five-time again. He was dominate as usual in the all-star race over the weekend. I look for him to pull of the sweep and once again dominate the house that used to carry his sponsors name-sake. Jimmie Johnson to win the Coke 600.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports Picks

Two weeks ago at Darlington I fared decently with the above mentioned Johnson in the top 5, Kyle Busch in 6th, and Mark Martin and Regan Smith 24th and 25th.

This week I’m going to let the all star race results do most of my picking for me. As mentioned above I’m going again with Jimmie Johnson for my a driver. On my B-team I’m going with sprint showdown winner Jamie McMurray and all star front runner Kurt Busch. On my C-team I’m going with former Coke 600 winner Casey Mears.


Also this week, the NASCAR Hall Of Fame will announce the 2014 class. A few weeks ago I shared my choices for the 2014 class, if you missed it, CLICK HERE

NASCAR Picks: Talladega


Getting better all the time! My pick of Clint Bowyer brought it home second for me Saturday night in Richmond. Improving my average finish to 12.11. To see all my picks for the year, CLICK HERE.

This week I’m going with Matt Kenseth to bring it home. He was super fast at Daytona and would have probably won there had it not been for a blown motor. But of course with Restrictor plate racing you never really know what is going to happen!


Yahoo Fantasy Picks

We’ve already went over my A driver last week, Clint Bowyer came home a strong second, but after that I didn’t have much to brag about. My b list drivers Mark Martin and Kyle Busch finished 38th and 24th. My c list driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr. finished 16th.

In my small league I’m a solid 5th place with 1st place and the Spring Segment win still in reach. In my big league I’m 24th, better than last, but a long way from 1st!

This week I’ve got a good feeling, but with plate racing you just never know!

Like I said above my pick to win is Matt Kenseth so he is my A-list driver.

My B team starters are going to be Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kurt Busch. Dale Jr is a must start on the plate tracks. The way Kurt has been running up front if he can stay clean till the end there is no reason why he couldn’t come home with a top five or in victory lane.

I had made plans to start Danica Patrick as my C driver, but I’m going to give Micheal Waltrip the nod instead. While I’m not sure I will use the start I’ve saved with Danica anywhere else, I just feel more confident with Waltrip, after all he was one Tony Stewart bone head move away from winning the fall race at Talladega.

On back up I’ve got Jeff Gordon on A-list, Kyle Busch and Greg Biffle on B-list, and Trevor Bayne on the C-list.