JDSMotorsports.com Full Feature: 1966 Ford Mustang Coyote Swap

We mentioned it in our “Coming in 2017….” post, now it’s here! This will be a permanent feature after the first of the year every Thursday! Check out first edition below with Lewis Mesta’s 1966 Ford Mustang!


Installing Pypes “Pype Bomb” Muffler Delete Kit On 2013 Ford Mustang

I picked up a Pypes “Pype Bomb” Muffler Delete Kit off of Blue Oval Industries Ebay store last week for my 2013 Ford Mustang 5.0. Saturday I started the installation. First off, let me say I got a pretty good deal from Blue Oval Industries, I used the “make offer” option and got the kit for $275 shipped. But I will say this Blue Oval Industries has possibly the rudest person ever answering their emails, I definitely wouldn’t buy ANYTHING from them again.

Anyway, on to the install.



Pretty vague instructions, but hey, how hard can it be?

These are the tools they recommend, obviously I didn’t use the jack stands because I did it on the lift, I will say this would be a major pain to do on the ground. Also I would recommend at very least a 13mm wrench for the bottom hanger bolts, Its nearly impossible to get a ratchet in there. If possible get a 13 mm ratcheting wrench, life will be MUCH easier if you do!


Before I got started I unboxed everything to make sure there wasn’t any extra hardware or anything else I needed to look at before the instillation.

The tips are nice, I like the embossed lettering on them, although I imagine it will be a real pain to polish around later on in life.

Okay, so the instructions say to loosen the pipes where they connect under the car to the crossover pipe, no big deal, two bolts per side, this is where you will need the 15 mm socket at.

After that I headed for the muffler clamp, again no big deal.

This is where it becomes a pain. The instructions say to take the back(front of the car) hanger down, okay. Well first you, or at least I, had to take the front hanger off to move the muffler enough to access the bottom hanger bolt. There are three bolts total on the driver’s side hanger, its a little different than the passenger side. I tried to pull the muffler out without removing it, because at first its pretty intimidating to look at with the muffler in its correct position, but it won’t work. Believe me, after 20 minutes of trying I know. I would also recommend spraying the rubber down with penetrating oil. When I first read the instructions I though, spray my bolts? Its a new car, I don’t need that. But then after re-reading I realized it was the rubber they were talking about. After doing that it was much easier to work with.

So once finally out of the car I still had to get the bracket off the old muffler. For some reason(probably because I was mad and frustrated) I couldn’t get the bracket to slid over the fat end, so I proceeded to break my bracket in the process.

At this point, I used the cutting wheel.

You also have to cut the tabs on the old clamps, pretty simple to do, but you’d think for $300 you would get ten dollars worth of new clamps, oh well.

Old muffler out of the way and ready for the new one! Or, uh, lack there of!


Installing the new piece is pretty easy without the muffler in the way of everything. Once I tried the bracket every way but the right one, it went right in, minus the broken part.


I had a buddy that stopped by help me line this one up, its much easier as a two man job. I’m not 100% happy with the alignment, but I’ll tweak it a little later, they need to be slid in toward the front a little more I think.

The second side went a lot easier, but the one bolt in the bracket is still a pain.

Both out! Finally!

I was on my own installing the other one so I used a piece of cardboard to hold the pipe in place while I tightened things down. Worked pretty good!

And the finished product!

Overall it took me about 3 hours to do. in hindsight, I could probably knock it out again in two knowing how to do it now.

And now for the sound clip! While I must admit, stock sounds pretty dang good for stock, I like it now a lot better! I know the muffler delete sound isn’t for everyone, but for the money, I don’t think you can beat it!


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Pigeon Forge Rod Run Fall ’13: Top Ten Picks

It’s been a few months since we’ve done the top ten picks, sorry I’ve been kind of slack. But I’m trying to get it fired back up along with some other features to figure out what people like and what they don’t like so we can prepare to go full blast into our 3rd year in 2014!

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Had to take a double take on this one! I bet he gets some interesting looks going down the highway!



I wish I could have got a close up look at this Mercedes Benz, I’m guessing late model power, maybe LS? Never got a good look at it.


8e 8d 8c 8b 8a

Nothing seems hotter right now than an old patina’d up truck with an LS motor shoved under the hood, this one is a great example of that!


7d 7c 7b


This car had a built AMC power plant and ran 10 second 1/4 mile times. I really like the mix of strip and classic in this one. It was a car you could have won with on Friday night at the track and then won with on Saturday at the car shows. Not very often do you see a stock appearing classic this nice AND this fast and track ready.


6d 6c 6b 6a

Do I really need to explain?” Plus they were making tons of laps on the street! Nasty car!


5e 5d 5c 5b 5a

Coyote swaps are becoming more and more popular, but to see one in this old Mercury was very cool!


4b 4a

Did Oliver even make an old truck? This is one I guess? It was a new one for me and man was it slick!!


3d 3c 3b 3a

Yeah, I know the distributor is in the wrong place, but this is still a REALLY slick car.


2d 2c 2b 2a

If I would have had the money this car would have came home with me. When have you EVER saw a four door 150 car? They have to be rare. This would have made an excellent driver.


1e 1d 1c 1b 1a

Plymouth Suburban? How cool is that! Look at the interior in this thing, all it needs is a late model Hemi and updated drivetrain and this would be an AWESOME street rod.