A Little Sample Of Some Croftgate Products On A 1970 Plymouth Cuda

In the next few weeks I will be reviewing each product that we will be carrying individually but until I can get around with that I thought I would share with you a quick review of a few products. This is quick and informal sample of a few products I was using the other night to clean my dad’s 1970 ‘Cuda convertible up for some quick pictures. The car was dirty from the remnants of a four hour road trip to a show and dusty from sitting in the shop afterwards for a couple of months. Now I didn’t have time to drag out the wash bucket and the water hose. I definitively didn’t have time to mess with drying the car down afterwards. I could have used a duster, but all that would have done was move the dust around from one side of the car to the other and prolong the need for a “wash” so to speak. This is the perfect time for the Croftgate product. Here are a few before picture, it was right at dusk, so it was hard to really see in the pictures just how dusty and dirty the car was, but again I didn’t really do this for a formal sales demonstration, I just wanted a quick, real life sample of the product at work.

Here is a few shots of the car before hand. You can click on each one to blow them up.

Step one was to take the Multi-Clean to remove the bugs, “birds”, and really nasty stuff. I was shocked at how easy it cleaned this stuff of the paint, especially the bugs. Now keep in mind these were dried on there and had been on the car since April. With plain old soap and water it could take twenty minutes of cleaning and scrubbing to get these off, with the Multi-Clean it just took one pass of the towel and they were gone. Plus it is 100% safe for the paint and the environment.

Next step was the Aquanil-X, this is the start of the show, the waterless wash and wax. It is easy, you just lightly mist it on, wipe it it similar to a wax, then turn the cloth over, wipe it off. Its easy.

The drivers side of the hood has been cleaned, the passenger side hasn’t. Again not the best pictures, but I didn’t really do this to be a commercial, just a real life sample.

Here is the towel on the first wipe, pretty dirty huh?

Here is the second wipe to wipe the cleaner off.

Not to mention the paint is slick and ready to go the show. I don’t know of any quick detailer that could have taken that much dust off and given the paint the just waxed shine and feel that this paint has now.

Another great product, possibly my favorite from Croftgate is the tire shine. But this stuff isn’t just tire shine, in fact you can clean the whole wheel with it. The right half was wiped down with the tire shine, the left was not. Look at the difference in the shine.

Plus the great thing about it is it dries quickly and isn’t greasy like most over the counter tire shines. It won’t sling all over the side of the car either, so no need to wait hours before you drive your car to let it dry.

Here is a picture of it all over the wheel and tire just for proof!

Finished product.

It is also great on vinyl tops, convertible tops, trim, etc.

And all of it safe for the environment, no need to worry about run off washing into our pond!

Here is the finished product, all shined up and ready to go!

A quick shot of the car back in the shop under the lights, look at that shine!

Hope you enjoyed! Again this was just a VERY quick, informal sample of a couple of products. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

But wait there is more! You can’t talk about a car without hearing it run!!