Weekend Recap 10-18 to 10-20

Another busy fall weekend, we were at three shows this weekend! Next weekend will probably slow down a bit, I’ve got Saturday scheduled to spend time with my bow and hopefully a deer or two. But if all goes well we will still sneak to a show or two.

If you missed anything over the weekend, here is the three events.


Corvette Expo

Good Neighbors Auto Club Car Show

Catalyst Church Car Show

I will have edits up from each show throughout the week so be sure and check back for those!



Catalyst Church Car Show 2013

Every year Ed Ashe and the Catalyst Church take under privileged children shopping at Christmas, this Sunday show helps raise money for this cause! The weather was nice and fall was definitely in the air. We didn’t get to stay too long and more cars were coming in as we were leaving but here are those that were there while we were!

For all the pictures, CLICK HERE