NASCAR Picks: Kentucky


Kurt Busch’s 4th place finish last weekend at Sonoma brings my overall average back to 12.69. This week at Kentucky I’m going with Kyle Busch. He’s running all three races and anytime he gets a lot of seat time I feel like he is always a threat to win. To see all my picks and averages for the year CLICK HERE


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Despite Danica Patrick proving once again that you can’t pick her my team did pretty well. A 5th for Clint Bowyer, 4th for Kurt Busch, and 7th for Marcos Ambrose gave me a solid week overall.

This week on my A team I’m going with Brad Keselowski. He’s a former Kentucky winner and is due for a good run. He like Kyle Busch is running all three races and I think that gives him an advantage come Saturday night. On my b team as I mentioned above I’ve got Kyle Busch and Martin Truex Jr. Kentucky has been a good track for Truex and he has all the momentum in the world after last weeks win. For my C driver I’m going with Austin Dillon.


NASCAR Picks: Sonoma

Time for a little road course racing!



Well my pick last week in Dale Jr. sure did go up in smoke didn’t it? His 37th place finish dropped my average finish to 13.27 for the year. To see all of my picks for 2013 CLICK HERE.

This week at Sonoma I’m going with Kurt Busch. He almost won last year in James Finch’s #51, I think in a little better equipment he can pull it off this weekend!

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Last week I had mixed results but still salvaged a decent points total. My a driver Denny Hamlin finished 30th, my B driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. finished 37th.  I did however have the winner on my B team in Greg Biffle. Along with Trevor Bayne who finished 15th.

This week in Sonoma I feel really good about my picks but a road course is kind of like a short track or a restrictor plate track, anything can and will happen.

On my A team I’m going with Clint Bowyer. Defending race winner, I figure he is a lock for a top ten. On my B team I’m going with Kurt Busch and Marcos Ambrose. Again two locks for the top ten. On my C team I went back and fourth all week between Danica Patrick and Jaques Villeneuve but I finally decided on Danica. She is a good road racer and should be good for a solid top 20 finish this week. On my bench I’ve got Jeff Gordon, Juan Pablo Montoya, Kyle Busch, and Jaques Villeneuve all of which I feel are a threat for the pole or at least some bonus qualifying points.


NASCAR Picks: Richmond


Last week my pick for Brad Keselowski was looking pretty dim after a bad qualifying effort and Bad Brad going a lap down. But he battled back to a 6th place finish, not bad I’ll take it!

That brings my average finish for the year up to 13.375. To see all my picks for the year and the results CLICK HERE

This week I’m going with Clint Bowyer to win Richmond. Clint is a two time winner at the track but more importantly than that he is always consistent there. I almost gave Kyle Busch the nod but I figure he is going to be checkers or wreckers and if I don’t get the win I need a solid finish for my yearly average to get my into the top ten.

Yahoo Fantasy Picks

Last week was an average week for me, as I said above, my A team driver Brad Keselowski finished 6th, my B team of Kyle Busch and Brian Vickers really let me down with a 38th and 31st. My C driver gamble with Ricky Stenhouse Jr. finally paid off with an 11th place finish.

I feel really, really good about this week. For my A driver I’m going with Clint Bowyer as I mentioned above.

On the B team I’ve got Mark Martin and Kyle Busch. Martin has been very strong for MWR at Richmond and Kyle Busch has proven in the last four straight spring races he has what it takes to get the job done.

On the C team I’ve got Rickey Stenhouse Jr. again. Two tops fives in the Nationwide last year at Richmond gives me enough confidence in him for the starting spot.

On the bench I’ve got A-Jimmy Johnson, B-Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kurt Busch, C-Casey Mears.


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NASCAR Sprint Cup 2013 Season Preview

Daytona is so close now you can taste it! Here are my thought’s on the upcoming 2013 season, who will make the Chase, who won’t, and who will win it all!

Who’s In? Who’s Out? Here’s My Top 10

Every year the chase get’s harder and harder to make, that trend will defiantly continue this year. None of the 12 Chase drivers from 2012 are looking to give up their spot in 2013 but several drivers are locked and loaded to put themselves in the Chase this year. Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch lead the charge of the top drivers looking for a spot in that elite 12.  Here is my Chase picks for 2013.

Daytona 500 - Practice

(Photo Credit

Jeff Gordon: Despite a world of controversy surrounding him Jeff Gordon finished off the 2012 season on a high note with a win at Homestead. I look for Gordon to continue his late season momentum over in to 2013. With the Gen 6 race car’s driving style comparing itself more to the “twisted sister” over the C.O.T. I look for that to give Gordon a little bit of an advantage as well.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion's Awards - Portraits(Photo Credit

Brad Keselowski: I look for Bad Brad to continue in his dominate ways in 2013. With the new car I don’t look for the switch to Ford to slow him down taht much.

Tums Fast Relief 500 - Practice

Kasey Kahne: Even though Kahne got off to a really bad start in 2012 he came back to finish 4th overall in the standings. Look for him to be a serious force to be dealt with in 2012.

Ford EcoBoost 400 - Qualifying

(Photo Credit:

Clint Bowyer: Bowyer had is best points finish of 2nd in 2012 and arguably his best year all together. It was also his first year in his new ride with Micheal Waltrip Racing. I look for 2013 to be a big year for Bowyer. MWR should be able to build on their 2012 success and provide some fast race cars for Bowyer and team. Clint’s confidence level should be at an all time high as well, look for him to be a serious Championship contender in 2013.

Ford EcoBoost 400 - Practice

(Photo Credit:

Dale Earnhardt Jr: The buzz of the 2012 off season was Dale Jr.’s comments about how he felt really comfortable in the new Gen 6 race car. That it reminded him of the “twisted sister” race car where he had most all of his success in.  Only time will tell if Junior can turn that comfort into a Championship but what it will give him is confidence going into the season. Junior was strong in 2012 and all the cards are in the deck for him to repeat that performance in 2013.


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Jimmy Johnson: Is it even possible for “five-time” to miss the Chase?

AAA Texas 500 - Practice

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Tony Stewart: Like Johnson, its hard to imagine a Chase without Tony Stewart in it. Stewart is always a threat to win it all, even when you don’t expect it, as he proved in 2011.

2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Martinsville

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Greg Biffle: The biff flew under the radar last year but for the first half of the season he was pretty dang consistent.  Now in 2013 with Kenseth gone from Roush-Fenway Racing and Carl Edwards on a rebound season the spot for top driver is open. I believe Biffle is up to the challenge of filling that spot.

AdvoCare 500 - Qualifying

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Matt Kenseth: If Matt can pilot a lame duck #17 into the Chase there is no reason why he won’t put his new Joe Gibbs Toyota deep into the Chase.

AdvoCare 500(Photo Credit:

Kevin Harvick: Even though Harvick is in a lame duck situation in 2013 don’t look for that to slow him down. Harvick and Childress are both too proud to write this season off. Look for multiple wins and an easy chase spot out of the #29 gang.

On The Outside Looking In

Before I go into my two wild card driver’s I want to talk about who I don’t think will make the Chase. Some of these are a surprise, some not so much.

Martin Truex Jr.: Martin was oh, so close to winning a race last year. Although the second’s were nice, I think not being able to tie up a W has hurt his confidence going into 2013.  I expect him to be a player going into Richmond for 10 place in points, but a non-factor in the wild card due to his proven inability to put up wins.

Carl Edwards: I don’t think Carl did enough toward the end of 2012 to prove that anything will be different in 2013. I think he will find his way back to victory lane but will still be on the outside of the Chase looking in when all is said and done.

Denny Hamlin: Denny has been up and down over the past few years. With the added pressure of Matt Kenseth driving for Joe Gibbs I think Hamlin will be the odd man out in 2013.

Other notable names not making the Chase: Jamie McMurray, Marcos Ambrose, Danica Patrick, Paul Menard, Jeff Burton, Ryan Newman, Juan Paublo Montoya, Kurt Busch.

Wild Card Baby

You’ve probably done the math by now. But here are my two wild card drivers.

AdvoCare 500

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Kyle Busch: Rowdy had the strongest car at several of the final races in 2012, he just couldn’t finish. But look for him to have it together in 2013. I still don’t think he will be consistent enough to make the Chase on points but I could see him easily winning three or four races in 2013.

Sylvania 300 - Qualifying (Photo Credit:

Joey Logano: Joey was on a verge of having a break out season in 2012. He won a ton of races in Nationwide proving once again he knows how to get it done. Now that he is a strong number 2 driver with Penske instead of a distant 3rd driver at Gibbs I look for Lagano to finally live up to expectations. I think first year jitters with the team will keep him out of the Chase on points but look for him to win at least twice in 2013 if not more.

Victory Lane Here We Come

While its obvious that any of the above mentioned drivers have a illegitimate shot and going to victory lane in 2013 I wanted to mention a few not so obvious drivers who I think will make their way to victory lane in 2013.

Danica Patrick: While I don’t look for her to make the chase, or possible even the top 20 in points, it would not surprise me if she went to victory lane this year. She will be a strong contender at Daytona and Talladega. If she can stay around until the end you know the boss will be close by and I’m sure there is nothing more Tony would like to do that push Danica to her first Cup win in his car. She could also be a surprise dark horse at Sonoma or Watkins Glen.

Kurt Busch: He almost got the job done last year at Sonoma for James Finch. Look for him to finish the deal with a little better ride this year. The #78 has also proven strong before at Daytona and Talladega so look for him to have a solid shot there as well.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr.: The back to back Nationwide champion may be the replacement in the #6 that Jack Roush has been searching for ever since Mark Martin left. I expect at least one mile and a half victory to come his way. Possibly as soon as Las Vegas.

The Final Five

So I picked my Chase drivers earlier. Now its time for me to pick who I think will bring home the Sprint Cup in 2013. I’m not going to rank the top ten or twelve, but I will pick my top five finished.

1. Matt Kenseth

2. Clint Bowyer

3. Kasey Kahne

4. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

5. Jeff Gordon

I had a scenario written in which I had each of these five driver’s winning the title. But I finally decided on this one. But officially I’m “picking” all five of them! Here are my reason’s why I think each one has a legitimate shot at winning the title.

Matt Kenseth

With the Gen6 race car coming in this year I think it all but eliminates the transition period for Matt between the Jack Roush Ford’s and the Joe Gibbs Toyota’s. The Gibbs cars are strong, probably stronger last year than the Roush cars, Matt Kenseth has something that neither Hamlin or Busch have, a Championship and the mental sharpness to win one.

Clint Bowyer

I was worried about the move from RCR to MWR in 2012 for Clint. I mean lets face it, on paper it looked like a step down. But with the improvements of MWR last year it quickly proved to be a smart move for Clint Bowyer. Clint shocked most with a second place finish last season. Bowyer now has the confidence he needs with the Micheal Waltrip Toyota’s to run strong from the start. He also has just small taste of that number one spot, the two could make him dangerous this year.

Kasey Kahne 

As bad as Kahne started off in 2012 its a miracle he even made the chase, let alone finish Top 5. With the season one jitters out of the way its time for Kahne to shine in that 5 car. With my prediction of teammate Jimmy Johnson not being a major player for the title going down the stretch it makes room for Kahne to shine even brighter.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Junior was good all last year, he was up front and consistent for most of the regular season. But he slipped in the Chase and was finished off by an injury which resulted in him missing two races.  Junior said he really likes the new car and it feels more like the “Twisted Sister” in which he had most of his Sprint Cup Series success. That could be the on track and mental boost he needs.

Jeff Gordon

Like his teammate Dale Jr., Gordon could also benefit from the new car. He finished last year strong and baring the broken part early in the chase and the Clint Bowyer saga and he would have been a contender for the title. The time is now for Jeff Gordon.

2013 Rolex 24 To Have Solid NASCAR Presence

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You won’t have to look far this weekend at the annual twice around the clock battle at Daytona International Speedway to see a familiar NASCAR face. It seems this year more than ever NASCAR stars are coming to the Grand Am Series event to shake off a little ring rust and cure a bad case of cabin fever. Lets take a look at the NASCAR stars you will see in the race.

Daytona Prototype Entires

Juan Pablo Montoya- #01 Chip Ganassi/Felix Sabatas BMW Riley

Jamie McMurray- #02 Chip Ganassi/Felix Sabatas BMW Riley

Nelson Piquet Jr- #5 Action Express Racing Corvette DP

A.J. Allmendinger- #60 Micheal Shank Racing Ford/Riley

Marcos Ambrose- #60 Micheal Shank Racing Ford/Riley

GT Entires

Boris Said- #31 Marsh Racing Corvette

Clint Bowyer- #55 AF Waltrip Ferrari

Micheal Waltrip- #55 AF Waltrip Ferrari

Other names that may be familiar to NASCAR fans are Max Papis, Robert Kauffman, Andy Lally, Paul Tracy, Colin Braun, Christian Fittipaldi, Scott Pruett, and Dario Franchitti.

For a complete run down of the entry list CLICK HERE

The Rolex 24 will be broadcast live on speed. Visit their website for more info!

Wednesday Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale: Top 10 Cars To Watch

Day two of Barrett-Jackson! Check out our cars to watch for the day! Much more to come over the weekend!

1952 Willys CJ3A
Lot Number 358

I sent one just about like this to the crusher last winter. Hope it doesn’t bring too much money!!

1968 Jaguar XKE
Lot Number 366

My late uncle had one like it, same year, 2+2, same color, but his was a convertible. Either way cool cars.

1984 Ford Mustang GT Convertible
Lot Number 328

Gotta show some love for my Southeastern Foxbody crew! Four eyed pride baby!

1971 Chevrolet Corvette LT1
Lot Number 454

We sold the twin to this car about two years ago, well minus being an exported car.

1975 Oldsmobile Hurst W30
Lot Number 453

I love these cars and all the GM cars built on this chassis in the mid 70’s. Muscle car of the future right here! Mark my words!

1963 Ford F100 Race Truck
Lot Number 452.1

A nostalgic drag truck? Oh yeah this is too cool!

2011 Toyota Tundra by Clint Bowyer
Lot Number 459

I went back and forth on putting this one in or not. But at the end of the day being a Clint Bowyer fan I knew I’d have my eye on it so I figured what the heck I’ll put it on the list.

1968 Baldwin Motion “Maco Shark” Chevrolet Corvette
Lot Number 497

Really interested to see this one go, is it a Baldwin Motion car? Just a body kit? Add doesn’t really say.

1963 Dodge 330 Max Wedge
Lot Number 498

max wedge
Max Wedge baby!!

1946 Ford 1/2 Ton Custom Pickup
Lot Number 514

1946 f1
Normally I’d consider a 46 Ford truck ugly but this thing is SWEET! Just the right stance, great looking truck. Makes me want one!!

Be sure and tune into Speed for all the coverage!

We will have more cars to watch tomorrow so check back in!

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