Ebay Find Of The Week: Tony Stewart #20 NASCAR Race Car

Since the site is covered and will be covered with NASCAR coverage the next few weeks with the Dayton 500 fast approaching I figured this week would be a good time for a NASCAR related Ebay Find Of The Week.


This is a 1999 NASCAR Cup(Winston at that time) Car. Its the #20 Home Depot Pontiac Grand Prix driven by NASCAR Champion Tony Stewart. The car was built at Joe Gibbs Racing. It comes with certificates and the proof. It’s even got Tony’s autograph on it! Check out the ad by CLICKING HERE!


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Ebay Find Of The Week: 1909 Hupmobile Model 20

A what? A Hupmobile! Hupp Motor Company built cars between 1909 and 1940. Check out the Wikipedia link by CLICKING HERE!

This 1909 has to be pretty dang rare being its a first year production.
Here is the article from the ad!

You are looking at a very cool 1909 Hupmobile. These early cars are a blast to drive, and always a huge attention getter at any show. This is a long-time California that was restored in the sixties. The car has a great patina, and was just recently brought back to great driving condition. It starts the first time very easily. This is a great entry-level, brass-era car that can be had at a great price. Optional accessories on this car include windshield, convertible top, clock, and speedometer. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

To view the add CLICK HERE

(Photos Credit: BritishSportsCars.com)