RK Motors Charlotte Auction: The Race Cars

Yesterday we highlighted some of the collector cars going across the block at this weekends auction in Charlotte, NC, today we will look at some of the race cars going across the block.

If you missed yesterday’s blog entry, CLICK HERE to read it.

Check out some of the cool racing iron as well as race related items to roll across the block this weekend. Click each picture for more info on the item. All photos credit RKMotors and RKMCCA.com













For the NASCAR related items going across the block, check back tomorrow!

The C4’s of Corvettes @ Carlisle 2013

I know this is a week or month or so late but I wanted to break down my Corvettes @ Carlisle coverage down by generation for all my Corvette buddy’s.  If you missed the original event coverage, CLICK HERE for the recap.

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Top Ten Picks: Motorama Auto Auction


Our first top ten from an event of the new year! For those not familiar with it, we pick our top ten favorite cars from an event we were at the weekend before. This week its the Motorama Auto Auction in Fletcher, NC. If you missed the coverage from the event, CLICK HERE. If you saw the coverage but thought I shorted you on pictures, well I did. I forgot to post the link up to all the photo bucket album. So CLICK HERE for all the pictures!



10e 10a 10b 10c 10d


First foxbody love of the list. This one made it for two reason’s. Number one it sold at a steal at 3,000 dollars. And number two I think “Sir Camsalot” is a pretty cool name to have on your back glass!


9a 9b


These 3rd gen Camaro’s make one of the best big tire drag cars. 


8a 8b


I’m a sucker for BIG 66-68 Chevy’s with BIG block’s in them. Especially post cars!


7a 7b


You can’t recreate paint like this. You just gotta drag one outside and let her sit for about twenty years. This thing would be awesome with a diesel swap. 


6a 6b


Another clean little foxbody. 


5a 5b 5c


This 1993 Cobra only had 60k miles on it and was a very, very clean ride!


4a 4b


This was one cool rod. This model a had a ton of motor work done to it. Sounded like it would really move on down the road for what it is. 


3a 3b 3c


I’m also a sucker for old Highway Patrol cars especially North Carolina.


2a 2b 2c 2d 2e 2f


Classic styling, meets modern technology. This thing is clean and very well built. The owner said he had over 80k invested and I don’t doubt it one bit!


1a 1b 1c 1d 1e


Okay, I know what you are thinking, I’ve gone crazy. But I LOVE this car. For several reasons. One I’ve been a big fan of the Monte Carlo Aero Coupes for years and this is the sister car to it. Two the NASCAR history is cool. Three my uncle bought a 1966 Pontiac “2+2” new in 1966 so that adds major cool points. And four I was born in 1986 and I have a fetish for 1986 cars. So that is why this baby is number one!


Ebay Find Of The Week: “Rare Aspen Blue” GMC Typhoon

While the first two ebay finds of the week(I know, only two in the past few months, I’ve been slack! But I promise they will get more frequent!) were 50k plus I wanted to find something a little more affordable for the 3rd entry. As I was browsing the thousands of cars and trucks on Ebay this oddly colored 1992 GMC Typhoon caught my eye. Being a long time Syclone fan and owned the SUV brother the Typhoon has always had a soft spot in my heart.

Here is the info from the ad.

FROM MY PERSONAL COLLECTION FOR YOUR BIDDING IS A VERY RARE ASPEN BLUE 1992 GMC TYPHOON ONLY 28 MADE IN THIS COLOR EVEN FEWER WHOS WHERABOUTS ARE KNOWN. Please call Reds Auto and Truck owner Mike at 303-726-5520. Again, This is a VERY rare TY from my personal collection. In the past 5 years or so I have only seen 5 Aspen trucks come up for sale and I bought two and still own the other.

This truck is even more rare in that it is still wearing its original paint which not many including my other one are. The truck is NOT perfect and the paint being original is not showroom fresh. If it were I would have it priced much higher. Yes I know you can buy a green one a black one etc.. for less money with the same miles. If you dont care that this is a rare ASPEN blue then this is not the truck for you. If its not perfect enough for you being a survivor then I would consider selling my other one and keeping this one but that one has 40k and will cost you MUCH MUCH more if I were to sell it.

This truck has its original books and even has the service book with tons of logged service hisotry. The body is VERY straight and rust free the paint is good given its original. I hand rubbed it out and its VERY presentable. The interior is nice with normal wear no tears though. Miles are actual and correct. The motor fires right up with no noise or rattle. The trans shifts as it should. The turbo pulls strong and it runs out solid. Please keep in mind this is a 1992 not a 2012 and it is not without normal flaws.

This TY is VERY stock and does not appear to have been modded up and beat on like so many. The air intake is stock, the exhaust is stock with Cat still intact, stock Turbo, stock ECm etc.. look close at the pics as well and you will see its solid and rust free unlike many out there.

The reserve isn’t met and there is no buy it now price so its hard to put an exact dollar amount on this one but whoever ends up with it will have one rare and collectible little truck!