Pick-A-Winner 2013 Results

Each week I Pick-A-Winner for the up coming NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race in my weekly column “Restrictor Plates Are Off”. On this page I will keep up with the results and the average finishes of my picks.

1. Daytona- Matt Kenseth-37th

2. Phoenix- Kyle Busch-23rd

3. Las Vegas- Carl Edwards- 5th

Average Finish To Date: 21.6

4. Bristol- Martin Truex Jr.- 12th

Average Finish To Date: 19.25

5. California- Dale Earnhardt Jr.- 2nd

Average Finish To Date: 15.8

6. Martinsville- Mark Martin- 10th

Average Finish To Date: 14.8

7. Texas- Matt Kenseth(2)- 12th

Average Finish To Date: 14.4

8. Kansas- Brad Keselowski- 6th

Average Finish To Date: 13.375

9. Richmond- Clint Bowyer- 2nd

Average Finish To Date: 12.11

10. Talladega- Matt Kenseth(3)- 8th

Average Finish To Date: 11.7

11. Darlington- Jimmie Johnson- 4th

Average Finish To Date: 10.54

12. Charlotte- Jimmie Johnson(2)- 22nd

Average Finish To Date 11.92

13. Dover- Joey Logano- 7th

Average Finish To Date 11.53

14. Pocono- Jeff Gordon 12th

Average Finish To Date 11.57

15. Michigan- Dale Earnhardt Jr.(2)-37th

Average Finish To Date 13.27

16. Sonoma- Kurt Busch-4th

Average Finish To Date  12.69

17. Kentucky- Kyle Busch(2)- 5th

Average Finish To Date- 12.23

18. Daytona- Tony Stewart- 2nd

Average Finish To Date 11.66

19. New Hampshire- Joey Logano(2)- 40th

Average Finish To Date 13.16

20. Indianapolis- Juan Pablo Montoya- 9th

Average Finish To Date 12.95

21. Pocono- Brad Keselowski(2)- 6th

Average Finish To Date 12.61

22. Watkins Glen- Marcos Ambrose- 31st

Average Finish To Date 13.23

23. Michigan- Kasey Khane- 7th

Average Finish To Date 13.17

24. Bristol- Brad Keselowski(3)- 30th

Average Finish To Date 13.88

25. Atlanta- Kasey Khane(2)- 36th

Average Finish To Date 14.76

26. Richmond- Clint Bowyer- 25th

Average Finish To Date 16.62

27. Chicago- Ryan Newman- 10th

Average Finish To Date 16.55

28. New Hampshire- Kasey Khane(3)- 37th

29. Dover- Matt Kenseth(4th)- 7th

30. Kansas- Matt Kenseth(5th)- 11th

31. Charlotte- Kevin Harvick- 6th

32. Talladega- Jeff Gordon(2nd)- 14th

33. Martinsville- Jimmie Johnson(3rd)- 5th

34. Texas- Jimmie Johnson(4th)- 1st

35. Phoenix- Carl Edwards (2)- 21st

36. Homestead- Kevin Harvick(2)- 10th

Average yearly finish 14.33

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