JDSMotorsports Video

Introducing the new and improved JDSMotorsports Video! At the start of 2017, we sat out to really ramp up our You Tube channel. It was a bit of a trial and error, our original goal was to post three weekly video’s as we have done up until this point. But honestly, we were just too held back with the three video’s, some weeks there were more, some weeks the quality suffered, sometimes our content didn’t fit that three video style. So we have decided to disband that plan and just focus on putting out as many quality video’s as we possibly can. To open up with, we have just uploaded 15 of what we feel are our best video’s yet! From NHRA to the Goodguys North Carolina Nationals to Wanna Go Fast in Georgia. There is a little something for everyone! Check them out below! If you haven’t already be sure to hit the “subscribe” button while your watching one of our video’s! Thanks for the continued support!





Top 10 Posts Of 2016

Always a favorite year in review of mine, it’s always interesting to see which new posts get the most views. Here are the top 10 for 2016! Be sure and check them all out again for a great trip down memory lane!



Mustang Week ’16: Tuesday


As Mustang Week made its debut, or redebut I guess at the convention center for the meet and greet, anticipation was high! The turnout didn’t disappoint!



Mini Trucking Nationals 2016: Saturday Night Draggin’


I’d often heard how awesome Saturday night’s were in Maggie Valley, NC after the Mini Truck Nat’s but i’d never experienced it first hand! I got some great video and photos and will definitely be back in 2017!



180 MPH Jeep Grand Cherokee @ Wanna Go Fast


By now, you’ve saw it at Street Car Takeover, on 1320 Video and many other sites, but it first really busted on to the scene here at Wanna Go Fast in Clayton, GA!




Mustang Week ’16: Friday


The second Mustang Week appearance on the list. Everyone loves car show day!



Mustang Week ’16: Saturday 7-16


I’m usually always an early arrival at Mustang Week so my early posts always get alot of hits because usually everyone else is still at home! This year was no different!


NMRA/NMCA Atlanta Dragway


The first All Star event for the NMRA/NMCA series always gets plenty of action each year!



Mustang Week ’16: The SEFB Foxbody Cruise


The Foxbody Cruise ALWAYS get’s a ton of hits!  As well it should!


Pigeon Forge Rod Run Spring ’16: Wednesday


Surprisingly, the only Rod Run appearance on the list this year!



Lights Out 7 Friday Event Coverage


The only surprise here is that it wasn’t number one. Anything Duck does draws huge crowds! What else did you expect?



Are you ready for number one? Here it is!



2014 Mustang GT Chases 1992 Mustang GT Across The Dragon


Great go pro footage from the 2nd Annual SEFB.Net Dragon Run back in the spring! Never get tired of hearing those Mustang’s scream!!


A Year In Photos: 2016

One of my favorite look backs of the year, I take a look at which vehicles I drove to various shows during the year. Its always interested to see which ones show up more than others, then compare them to other years! So here it is, start to finish! Enjoy!