RM Auctions Arizona Collector Car Auction ’14: Cars To Watch Friday

Day two at RM Auctions! Here are our cars to watch for today!

For all the cars, click the link below!



Click each car for more info!

Lot 80 1958 Pontiac Convertible

What a beautiful car. Factory tri-power, convertible, I’d rather have the Pontiac version over a Chevrolet any day!

Lot 82 Ferrari F40

F40? Do I need to say more?

Lot 104 Ferrari F50

You know, just in case you get outbid on the F40!

Lot 123 1958 Chevrolet Corvette

This might be my pick of the auction, 1958 is my favorite year, dog dish hub caps, classic white with red coves. This one is hard to beat!

Lot 97 1957 Ford Thunderbird

But not just any Thunderbird, this is the ultra-rare F-bird. This one came with a factory supercharger.

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